Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Monday in D.C.

This past Monday sure felt like the beginning of summer with 78 degree weather. I just couldn't stay cooped up in the house, and being that it's spring break I had the urge to go on a road trip. Jon had the day off, and so we decided to go to D.C. My first choice would have been to attend the temple since that is my favorite spot in D.C., but instead we thought of the kids, and took them to the Smithsonian National air and space museum (good thing because our babysitter was unavailable.) As much as we love the temple, we also take the time to enjoy life, and have fun with our kids. They are growing up way too quick especially our little man. This was our first time venturing out to this specific museum. We've been on many trips to D.C. and have done so much, but there's never enough time to see all the sites in one day! Luckily we're just a two and half hour drive away from the Nation's capitol. 
I was so inspired by the Smithsonian museum in D.C. especially with the Wright Brothers display. About two weeks ago we had a lesson at my church in Relief Society on "change." As we watched this video the beginning of it shows the Wright brothers creating a plane. The question that was asked by our teacher was, "Is it possible to change?" I say yes, it is. She had a very good point, and taught the lesson very well. For some reason I got teary eyed as i approached the display. Noah was standing in amazement. I was telling him that this man, and his brother had an idea to create and build a plane, and with a lot of faith, and work they did! Just like the Wright brothers creating, and building a plane, we as people can know that the "unthinkable" can happen. Knowing that we are created by the Savior, and that through Him we can also change so that we can live again just as He is right now! Sorry if I sounded preachy just then, but it's the truth, and it truly was an amazing exhibit. 
Although Noah enjoyed the museum in D.C. this air and space museum in Chantilly, Virginia (near Dulles airport), was his absolute favorite-hands down. The moment he walked inside his eyes opened wide, and his mouth dropped. There were planes on the ceiling, on the ground, as you walked down the stairs, and walked around the hangar. It was a perfect setting for our little boy, and just as fun for Chelsea, and Jon too! 

Since we were about ten minutes away from our favorite BBQ place we stopped by Willard's for some grub. This time Noah actually ate a whole cornbread, and scarfed down his chicken. Last time we came all he ate was a roll, and some brisket. This is a sign that our boy is growing up with a belly that can fill up a lot of carbs and meat! I fear the teenage years with this kid!
And for dessert we stopped by Baked and Wired (because we needed some chocolate to have us wired for the drive back home!) Although they were pretty delicious Georgetown cupcake will always have my heart.
We certainly didn't want this day to end, but as the phrase goes,  "all good things must come to end" and so shall this day. 

Until next time D.C. 

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