Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Look For The Lovely.

After hearing about the turn of events that have been happening around the world such as the tragedy in Nepal with the earthquake as well as the riots in Baltimore it makes me so grateful to know that I am safe where I'm at in my home. In spite of all the trials and hardships that one faces focusing on the positive is the key to living a pretty good life, and as my friend Casey says..."look for the lovely." 
After visiting a sister from my church the other day we were all reminded that heavenly father looks out for us in spite of trials. Even if we feel alone at times all we need to do is just look towards him with love, and faith. As mothers we were all talking about our kids, and how we should protect them from the world. After all, they are innocent, and pure (until they become a teen, ha ha! ) We were talking about being prepared in case a catastrophe hits us in our area, and at the same time focusing on the positive. To not be afraid because we have the truthfulness of the gospel, and if we apply it in our lives more fully that we have no need to fear. But sometimes I can't help but to be a bit fearful for my kids future with all that is going on in the world as of late. Whether it's a moral war, or mother nature lashing out at the universe with earthquakes, and tornadoes I have been smothering my kids with affection and attention day after day after day. Just spending time with them, and putting aside all the unnecessary things of the world such as media time, reading (although I love that), and keeping the house in order. Making sure that everything is meticulously clean which in all honesty it pretty much is because I have a small house, but at the end of the day if there are toys scattered around or the laundry isn't done (which it never is), or there is a piece of dried oatmeal on the kitchen floor that can wait. There's nothing more important to me than waking up in the morning with my son climbing onto my bed telling me that he loves me, and that he's glad I'm his. Even if we lounge in bed for a half hour or so. That moment is priceless. So with the days being breathtakingly beautiful lately with blue skies and blossoms blooming everywhere, and so picturesque I have been venturing out capturing moments with the kids. I am really beginning to take this "it's the little things that matter most" saying very seriously. Even on my "off" days I still manage to end the day with it being a good one. And the reason why I manage for it my days to end good is because of my kids (including the one who lives out west)...
They are everything to me, and family has a lot to do with being happy.
So far this past week has been filled with nothing but pure sweetness. Every time we go for a walk Noah will pick flowers, and hand them to me so sweetly. He'll say, "here mommy this is for you." He did that a couple of times last spring, but for some reason he has been doing it every single time we've been out since this spring began. I think he knows our time is limited (as he'll be starting school in the fall) By the way...any of you sick of me yet talking about that still?? And so he's taking advantage of our walks during the day by picking flowers for me.  It warms my heart when he does that, because that shows me that he is aware and loving, thoughtful, and sweet, kind, and that he is getting the whole "expression of love" concept. 
It kind of makes me feel a tad bit guilty because even though our weeks are pretty great Sunday comes and sometimes all I want to do after three hours of church is rest, but at the end of the day it's all about family. Appreciating them, and most of all spending time with them. To never take anything for granted because you never know what can happen the next day. You never know when everything you love that matters to you the most will be taken away from you. To appreciate every single day, and the things that are right in front of us. Our children, mother nature, the great outdoors whether it's winter, or spring, and the beating of our own heart. Sometimes its those things that go unnoticed. Expressing gratitude everyday to our Father in Heaven is essential in my life.  To strive hard to focus on the positive things, and surround ourselves with goodness because in the end those are the things that are going to help us live a long and happy life now, and the here after with the Savior. 

And love.
Love will always keep us smiling. 

And for an even bigger smile watch this video. It'll make your entire day! 

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