Monday, April 13, 2015

Cherry Blossoms in D.C.

I will always remember the first time we visited D.C. to attend the temple. We had just moved to North Carolina, and had been itching for a trip to D.C. It so happened that our very first visit turned out to be the week the cherry blossoms were in full bloom. Mind you I had no idea what cherry blossoms were until this kind senior missionary from the temple told us about it. Apparently every year in the spring cherry trees are planted around the tidal basin  as a peace offering from the japanese. We were pretty excited to see these cherry blossoms so before we headed back home to North Carolina we decided to drive to the district to see these blossoms. Unfortunately we didn't have our camera (or iPhones) to capture any photos to document that moment of seeing the blossoms, but we enjoyed the drive around the tidal basin. Everything was bathed in pink, and white, and looked like popcorn. I'd never seen flowers like that before. I will always be grateful for that senior missionary telling us about the blossoms on that weekend. They truly were beautiful to see. 

I'm not one to follow the weather closely, but this year I decided to follow up on when the blossoms should be in full bloom. In our previous years we've always come at a time where the petals have already fallen to the ground due to the rain, or just barely budding. Last Monday when we came to visit the air and space museum we drove around the tidal basin, and they were just barely budding. We knew for sure that because of the festival being next week that they should be in full bloom. 

And they were. 

This year we were fortunate enough to come on the weekend of the Cherry blossom festival where most of the cherry blossoms were in full bloom. There were some that were still budding, but most of them were in bloom, and looked so beautiful in color. Since it was the weekend of the festival all we did was take pictures. 

And I never grew weary of taking pictures of my family...especially when we were surrounded by beautiful blossoms (and i hope you don't too!)

And in honor of everyone taking selfies around the blossoms, here's one last photo of my dear husband taking a selfie. I think he was being goofy, and mocking everyone else at the same time!

Hope your weekend was wonderful, and happy Monday! 

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