Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Day In Morristown.

The night of Lexie's jazz band competition we discovered the wonderful town of Morristown (which is about a half hour away from where she performed in Nutley). We'd never been here before and because it was such a nice area we decided to drive back there again only this time to spend the entire day and enjoy some of  the sights that this town had to offer. 
And it truly is a quaint, and nostalgic feeling town. 

There is so much rich history here from the birthplace of the telegraph, to Washington's quarters. There are a few museums here too, but because it's almost a two hour drive to and from home there is only so much you can do in one day! 
We scoped out Historic Speedwell, and the kids had some time to play at the park which was right across the street. There is also a dam where the kids enjoyed playing with sticks, and throwing rocks into the water. I swear Chelsea can be a tomboy sometimes. 
Their seemed to be more white blossoms in this area compared to where I live (I see a lot of pink ones), and seemed much brighter, and more fuller. I could have taken pictures forever. We walked around Morristown's Historical National Park where I took pictures of Washington's headquarters, and the Ford Mansion. 
I love venturing out to unknown territory, and learn all about history without breaking our bank account. I never ventured out on any road trips like this when I was younger so it makes me even more grateful that I can do this with my kids. 

Morristown is definitely a place I would love to frequent more often, and visiting here was so much fun! Definitely coming back when time permits! 

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