Thursday, April 2, 2015

Imagination Kingdom Playground.

Spring fever kicked in our hearts, and home weeks ago, and with the weather being a mild 50 degrees we took ourselves to this really cool park I heard about via The Family Penny Pincher. It didn't matter if the slides were a little wet from the rain we had yesterday Noah went to town experimenting all the gadgets that this really cool park had to offer. I can see why they call it an imagination kingdom playground! We could have been here for hours! There were two other dads with their kids at the park and being that they are locals (I asked them if they were) one of theme mentioned that this park has been around for at least six years. No wonder it was such in good condition. Whoever designed this park really knew what he was doing because look at all the cool things Noah got to play in...
Noah was "imagining"he was spiderman while crawling on this rope. Even though this rope was super sturdy it was a bit tricky for him crawling across. Nonetheless he loved it and did it three more times! I also included a photo from my snapchat where he almost slipped and fell, but caught himself! Whoa, and thank you God!! 
Noah was in heaven when he saw this big old rock. It's hollow inside so it's kid safe. He climbed up on it, and I can't even "imagine" what he's thinking while being on the top of the rock! All I know is that I was "imagining" being in Moab! 
I think there's a huge part where I know Noah is ready for school because every time we want to go out during the day he always want to have Chelsea tagalong when before he didn't mind being alone. The fact that he's getting older, and sees other kids in the playground manifests to me that he is definitely ready. He wanted Chelsea to come along with us, but I told him that we weren't going to wait until 3 o'clock to go to the park, and that we are leaving now. Resiliency is a blessing, and there were no tantrums involved. The kids that were at the park earlier had already left so when Noah discovered the seesaws the look on his face was a bit melancholy. Even though I got on the seesaw with him it wasn't as fun. He kept telling me, "Mommy, you can't be on this you're too heavy!" He was right, but I was stubborn and stayed on it anyway! ha!ha! He didn't mind either he just kept laughing the whole time saying, "oh my gosh, oh my gosh mom're going to break it!" When his laughing was too much for me to handle I jumped off. 
Yep...the look on his face is just painful! I definitely have to bring his sister next time so that she can and Noah can "imagine" together! That painful look went away real quick when I asked if he wanted some ice cream! Because when ice cream and root beer are involved he's all smiles! 

Imagine that!

On the way to the park I found this really cool mom and pop shop. I used to be fearful of trying out new places to eat, but if there is a sign that reads opened since 1952 then it's gotta be good food. White Dotte is a family owned business, and the atmosphere was super friendly. I love eating at these small diners because everything is prepared fresh. The burger was delicious, and I didn't even finish the fries! That burger basket was a biggie!

Since I don't have a mini tripod for my iPhone, selfies have now become an official part our life, and daily routine when it's just the two of us! 
Sometimes you just have to drive out of your comfort zone into unknown territory to go to the coolest playgrounds. I thank my lucky stars for having a kid who loves car rides, and loves venturing out to unknown territory...even if it's a simple place as a playground! 

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