Friday, April 10, 2015

Because He Lives.

"Many things are good, many things are important, but only a few are essential."
~Elder D. Todd Christofferson"

There is so much to be grateful in this world, and knowing that I have my family, great friends, and the Lord in my life makes my life easier to live. Attending general conference last weekend with some very dear friends made my life in Jersey complete. We don't have family close by so spending Easter Sunday while watching conference with them made it all the more wonderful. There were a few photos I neglected to post because I was so caught up in the moment of immediately sharing my thoughts the very next day after conference that all I cared about was jotting down my words more than photos, but am sharing a few more photos of the events that led up until conference began. 

Having just Noah and Chelsea (Lexie is in Utah spending spring break with Sierra) this year was bittersweet. I love them dearly, and seeing the two of them together talking like tiny adults overwhelms me. We had ourselves a little easter egg hunt on Sunday before conference, and  as simple as it was they were so happy. The way they waited patiently while Jon hid the eggs, not even peeking or rushing us telling us to hurry up tells me that I am doing something right. Amidst all the spats these two have they truly have fun with one another, and all I was waiting for was to capture moments of my kids in action hunting for eggs. 
^^^ They found all 27 of them, and were satisfied with the results. Cadbury eggs, jellybeans, these coupon printables that were also inside, and the most important gift of all...the white egg which represents the empty tomb. ^^^

^^^ Every year, since Sierra, and Lexie were toddlers I've always made cascarones (confetti eggs), and the kids look forward to this every year. Chelsea colored most of them. ^^^
Treats (with these quote printables I found on pinterest) were also given to those who could have used a "pick me up" on Easter Sunday. 

I'm always the first one to crack a confetti egg on one of my kids, and Chelsea was it. I have taught them to nonchalantly sneak up on each other when they least expect it, and crack some on each other.
 ^^^ Even when one has no hair! Noah always looks forward to cracking one on papa's head, and they both did it at the same time. I wish I would have recorded it! ^^^
The kids saved a few eggs to crack them on Maggie, and their friends in between sessions. They all gathered outside, and even though they knew they were going to get a cascarone cracked on their head they went with it, and didn't mind.

^^^ They all thought it was a pretty cool tradition to have, and they all had so much fun. ^^^ 

It amazes me how something so simple can put a huge smile on a child's face, and that is something I never want them to lose, or forget. Teaching our kids to interact with adults, and other kids kindly is so important. To be a good example to others, and to let our light shine no matter where we are. Listening to the conference talks last weekend were so inspiring, and so very true. With the way the world is becoming knowing that we have a living prophet to guide us, and comfort us with words of wisdom, and inspiration tells me that life can be better with the gospel. That with prayer we can become stronger. That with family time we can be united as one. All we have to do is seriously apply the gospel in our lives, make time for it, and to strive to live a good life that is pleasing to the Lord. To use the atonement in times of sorrow, and not be afraid. To make our homes as heavenly as possible so that our kids can have a place in this world to escape from the evil things that look good. To put our phones down, and unplug every once in a while so that we can be rejuvenated from technology. I have personally tried it, and I'll tell you it can be a refreshing feeling to just unplug for a day or two! 

I always want to find a "delight" on Sundays because that is the day the Lord has made for us to be with family, rest, and to reach out to those in need. No matter what kind of a week i had whether happy, sad, busy, or semi-stressed knowing that I have church to look forward to every Sunday does bring a "delight" to my well-being. I love attending my meetings, and observing the Sabbath with "delightful things" brings me joy.  

I'm so thankful to have the gospel in my life. As Robert D. Hales said, "It is never too late to turn to the Lord." I did 22 years ago, and it has been the best decision I've ever made. I'm so thankful to have the gospel in my life. I notice that when I truly live the gospel principles, and put the Lord first that any major concerns can easily be resolved.  That I can handle any drama, the ways of the world, and any sickness with a better attitude. Without the Lord, or the gospel I absolutely have no clue where I'd be today. Living of course, but how? And with who? And would my kids be raised with some foundation of God? I have no clue because the path I chose is the one I have today. I cannot even begin to imagine my life had I taken a different direction, and stayed on the course when I was 19. Absolutely cannot fathom it, nor do I want to. All I know is that my life is complete with God, and with the family I have today. 

Because He lives I know that I too, can live with the Savior again, and be with my family for eternity. 

**Once can watch the general talks here, and the one that brought tears to my eyes was this talk  by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. 

Happy Weekend! 

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