Friday, May 13, 2016


This kid of mine is everything i dreamed a little boy to be, but sometimes it's over the top! He continues to teach me how to be positive, and helps me sees the ways of the world through his eyes, and let me tell you something...his view on life, and how he sees it is pretty amazing. I love that he's a dreamer, is very observant which helps me to improve on my "bite my tongue" skills, and a little gentleman. And since it's the middle of May, and the weekend i wanted to share with you some of the things that pretty much expresses his personality, and how he's becoming.   

And I'm loving it! 

Spider man is his all time favorite super hero, and has been watching that movie every chance he gets. He asked if he ever got bit by a spider if he would become like the guy in spiderman, and swing from building to building and have webs shooting out of his wrists. I said," no papa you won't, because it's just a movie, and spiderman isn't real." He said, "Not real! Then i guess I won't be able to save anyone who is in trouble" (insert frown face here.)

"Mom, you're going to be old in like 10 years because your hair is starting to turn grey."

When I was teaching him to remember his birthdate I asked him, "what year were you born?"  He said, "Heaven." 

Noah told me how much boys like talking to Chelsea in the bus room, and I told him that's fine as long as they're treating her right, and not her boyfriend, and he says, "Chelsea's boyfriends are her emoji pillows because she sleeps with them a lot! "

"I'm so hungry mom that the animal in my stomach is giving me a heart attack!"

Wile watching Jurassic World recently there's a scene at the end where the main characters are about to kiss, and Noah say, "just ask her out on a date, geez!"

While running errands I stopped by the bank, and told him I was going to deposit some money, and he said, "so you're going to buy some more money?" That lesson right there is a reminder to me that I need to teach him about what depositing money is!

While talking about our names, and where we got them from he asked, "did abuela name you Rose because you like flowers? LOL! I said to him, "sure Noah because flowers are pretty." and he said, "so are you mommy."

All these musings prove all to well that he's growing up, and the more he is out in the world, the more he is catching on! There is so much there that teaches him right and wrong, and luckily he focuses more on telling me about the good things in life than any negativity he may see...especially when it comes to media. He hears things, and is very observant. Such a smart kid he is, and I'm so proud of all that he's learning and becoming. 

Happy Friday! 

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