Monday, May 16, 2016

Over The Weekend...

After a long week of rainy, and dreary weather (it totally felt as if I was living in Seattle) we finally got a bit of sunshine over the weekend, and I have to say that it was so nice to be able to get out of the house because this kind of weather cn really make one lack motivation to do anything. I'm not one to just sit around and mope around the house, but I felt a sickness coming on, and luckily it passed, but unfortuanely both Noah and Chelsea became infested with allergies and even though they both felt better after dosing with allergy medicine on saturday we came home from the adult session of stake conference (which was excellent by the way) to a very sick Chelsea. Her allergies turned into a cough, and was burning up a bit. We gave her some more medicine to alleviate the slight fever she developed, and she conked right out. We woke up the next morning, and got ready for church. I went upstairs to see how she was feeling, and could tell that she needed to rest some more so she went back to sleep. I could tell that she wanted to go to church, but explained to her how she really needs to rest. She can be stubborn at times, and sometimes it's a good thing especially when it comes to her not wanting to miss church or school, but what's important is that she rests that way her sickness doesn't get worse so that she doesn't miss church or school.

But that didn't last. 

30 minutes past after everyone left, and she came down to let me know she was hungry. Even though she looked a bit groggy she seemed a bit better. She was hungry, and so I made her some breakfast, and after we ate she asked if she could watch a dvd. But instead of clicking on to that remote, I asked if she was up for a walk on the bike trail. On Sundays I really try to refrain from any technology in the house, but almost gave in since she was sick. Had it been raining of course that would have been a thing to do, but because it was such a pretty day outside I couldn't let it go to waste by staying indoors. She obliged, and because it was windy she bundled up with a hoodie. We had such a nice morning together as walked, and talked. We saw a few flowers along the trail and asked if she could pick a few. I didn't see any harm in that, and so as she pickin' I decided to capture a few photos because...

I captured a few shots of her pickin' some. She absolutely loves spring, and on this day we were really feeling it! She saw some pretty colored flowers from a distance, and as she picked them ran up to me and said, "look mom they're bachelor buttons." I'm like, "how the heck do you know this? Bachelor buttons?? What a cute name for a flower!" Not even I know the names of certain plants, and flowers, but I guess she's learning a lot in school on certain topics, and then again she's been reading more and more lately (which makes me super happy), and that can help too. 

Here are a few moments from our Sunday walk...
After the rest of my crew came home we all decided to go the park to play bocce. Like I said, it was such a pretty day that I couldn't let it go to waste. We all gathered our picnic blanket, and bocce set, and while Jon was out visiting people from church we all went without him, and ventured out to the park for some family fun. He truly was missed, but nonetheless the kids had a great time. 
Can I also tell you that this was my first time playing bocce! So fun, and I think we need to buy a bigger set. I bought a small set only because the balls are easier for Noah to hold. He sure does love this game especially that little jack ball! 
It was a glorious day filled with lots of wind, and sunshine, and I am so blessed to have these kids by my side, and to see them getting along, and laughing have a good time brings a huge smile to this momma's face! 
And kudos to Noah for capturing such a nice pic of me, and his cute sisters! 

Happy Monday folks, and hope you're weekend was just as fun as ours! 

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