Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Noah's Original Spider-Man Costume!

One of Noah's favorite superheroes is spider-man, and ever since we first introduced him to the movies, as well as the comic books he has been wanting a spiderman costume. Not just any costume, but an original. This is when I wish i had mad sewing skills like my mother-in-law so that I can be able to make him, and all his sisters costumes, and clothes! Luckily she was willing to make him one as she has done so in the past. She has made various costumes for the kids for Halloween among other things. I'll tell you grandma in Utah has a skill, and a mad talent for making anything her own, and it truly is an "original."

For those of you who are curious (I know I was), and want to know how she did such a great job I decided to write about it. She mentioned using Simplicity 1030, and that it's actually a Captain America pattern, and altered the top. She borrowed a spiderman costume to see where the red, and blue pieces were, and because it had a mask she drew a pattern for the mask. She mentioned that it was tender mercies form the Lord that guided her hand because she's not here to get his measurements, and sometimes when I tell her how tall he is and how much he weighs it's not the same. So luckily she has a good eye, firm faith, and a lot of "heavenly help" that guided her in making such a cool spiderman costume for my boy. 
She's also quite the artist, and used a stencil to draw the spider, and used puffy paint. She used a fabric marker to draw the lines. Such talent! For years I've mentioned how she can open up her own store, and be a designer, but she was never into that! Sure appreciate her skills!

Good things definitely come to those who wait, and patiently, and even though there were times when Noah would see the mailman walking towards our house at exactly 4:20 to see if had a package, and said "not today" he'd get over his sadness real quick. That's when we received a text from grandma the day after letting us know it was in the mail, and that it should arrive over the weekend! Noah was waiting, and waiting and luckily it did come this past Saturday. You can see his reaction here, and how excited he was when he opened it. He's such a sweet boy who truly deserved this treat, and this costume was the perfect gift. 
And he hasn't taken it off since. He even slept in it all weekend long! 
And played piano in it. 
And even wanted to take a mirror selfie. 

I was just sitting in the background letting him do his thing. Not even I take mirror selfie's so it was fun to watch him take one! 

He sure is a happy camper with his costume, and I'm sure that as it gets hotter he won't be wearing it as much. Let's see if he's willing to wear it for Halloween. That'll save grandma time from making him another costume. See...I really need to up my game in learning how to sew so that we don't bug grandma too much! 

A sewing machine sure would be nice right now. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! 

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