Friday, May 27, 2016

What I'll Miss About South Jersey: Part One.

For the past eight months I have been serving as the Faith in God Leader for my church, and I can't begin to tell you how much I will miss teaching these sweet girls. With each calling comes great faith, and growth and I have to say that this one was on the top of my list. I will miss these girls, and teaching them every two weeks was something that I always needed. I think they taught me more than I taught them, because for the most part they were quicker at memorizing the articles of faith than I was, and answered quickly to the questions that I'd ask when it related to a bible or book of mormon story. Pretty impressive minds! Seeing their smiles as I'd walk in because they would be there a bit early, or because I'd be running late made me feel worthy of their presence because it showed me that they were willing and ready to be taught! They truly have brought so much joy to my life, and the fact that I was able to teach my own daughter was a bonus! I can see that even when we come home she tries to do her best in living what I just taught her, but at least she keeps it real with her sassiness, and that at the end of the day she says her prayers, apologizes, forgives, calms down when she's having a drama moment, and knows right from wrong.
This past week was our final lesson, and I wanted to leave some memory with them that would be important for them to remember to help keep them focused on the gospel. And being that summer is coming wanted to keep them busy so I decided to teach a lesson on service which entailed bringing a long list of things they can do to serve, and help others as well as doing random acts of kindness on top of having a little bit of temporal fun. I combined a few ideas I got off of pinterest, and gave each girl a tin can to decorate with scrapbook paper, wooden sticks to write on and washi tape to decorate it for good measure. They all wrote the things that they can do during the summer as well as on Sunday on what they can do to keep the sabbath day holy with good, clean, happy fun. 

I didn't want to keep them too late, and because they were having so much fun decorating we went over time, and some of them had to take them home to finish up. I love crafts, and finding ideas for them to not only cultivate a talent, but to learn at the same time is worth going out to get the things that we need. It's fun, and I think the girls enjoyed doing it.
Sister Trace, who was my assistant has been a huge help, and guide for me in this calling. Sometimes I wonder if she should be the leader because she knows her stuff! She's so good with the girls, and I think the fact that she has years over me when it comes to primary callings is why she's so great with kids. She has been in the primary off and on since I moved in the ward eight years ago, and was my other daughters (Lexie) first primary teacher. She currently teaches Chelsea in her final year of primary, and has really enjoyed having her as her teacher. 
Towards the end of the evening I wanted to take a picture of the girls and of course they had to be goofy as all pre-tweens are and they wanted to "dab????" I had no idea what that was, and found out as they were doing it! They are so fun!! 
I'm sure going to miss these girls, and their wonderful, unique, different personalities. My hope is that these girls wil remember what I taught them, and live it! Being that sister Trace is still around to teach them gives me hope that they will continue to be taught true principles and be in good hands! I really care for these sweet girls! 

Here's hoping everyone has a safe, and happy three day weekend! 

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