Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My Sweet Sierra Turns Twenty One!

Really been missing my oldest daughter lately and being that it's her 21st birthday today I felt prompted to express my love, and write a few things about her. It's completely bittersweet that I have a 21-year-old, how crazy time flies when it comes to age. I'm extremely proud of who she is becoming and how she carries a good head on her shoulders. She knows where she stands in her spirituality, and what her goals are in this life. There are times when I've talked to her over the phone and I swear it's as if I'm talking to an adult. Oh wait...she is an adult! Even my sister was impressed with how her vocabulary, and use of language is in high order. As a mother I'm beginning to seriously see the light in a lot of areas especially as she gets older, and finding her own path. She's a hard worker, and wants to pay her own way to college through scholarships which I know she can do because of her impressive writing skills, and hopefully lots of financial aid! She knows what she wants in this life, and is at peace with all the decisions she has made so far in her life. I'll tell you one thing is that she's made better choices than I did when I was her age, that is except for joining the LDS church at the age of 20. Now that was the best decision I ever made, and I only hope that she continues to stay with the spirit and makes wise choices. I'm very proud of her in keeping her head clear and striving to do what is right.

One thing I'm most grateful for is the fact that she's made it to the temple. She's so blessed to be surrounded by so many of them. I asked her if she's been going lately, and she said, "of course I am." Granted there are days where she won't attend because she's been working ten hour shifts due to the closing sale of the piano store she's currently working at, but tries really hard to make it on her day off. When I asked her to attend for the right reasons and not because I want her to, her response was,"I go cause I want to go mom, and I enjoy going." It really makes me happy to hear her say that, and to know that she is going for the right reasons. I reminded her of how important it is to keep the temple in her sight and I'm very pleased to hear that she knows how important the temple is. She's so lucky and you better believe if we were back living in Utah we'd be going with her every week! She feels the difference in her days when she goes and it strengthens her. The blessings of the temple are phenomenal, and I know she knows that they are. I know how busy life can get, but when I see the blessings that come from attending the temple often, and making it a priority that we can handle anything, and our lives are more at peace. I'm so grateful that she's realized that and has a testimony of it. 

Overall I'm so pleased with how well she's done in her young life despite of everything she's endured. She's such an amazing young woman with a lot of potential and I pray that she will build mountains with her knowledge and do the best that she can when it comes to church, school, job, and, relationships. 

She is attending college in the fall and I hope that in between summer and fall that she can be able to make a trip back here, and if she doesn't we will definitely see her over the holidays! 

Happy 21st birthday Sierra!

Have a fabulous year and looking forward to many more!


Momma bear!

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