Wednesday, May 4, 2016

On Capitol Hill.

When we went to the Renwick gallery a couple of weeks ago we took a drive around capitol hill, parked and walked around where they have all kinds of shops including the historic Eastern Market which i've never been too. I've always heard about it, and my friend Mary from church who lived here for a few years before moving to Jersey told me about a few places to come here, and also mentioned how spoiled D.C. made her while she lived here. I have to agree with her, and that's probably one reason why we love coming here because like Philly there's so much rich history here about America. 

And free museums! 

We had nothing but rain on our way to D.C., and when we arrived it stopped! I was so happy being as we were going to be walking all over the hill. When we come to D.C. we normally make the time to go the temple, but because we only had Noah and Chelsea, and no Lexie we decided to make it a day of temporal fun! Lexie would have come except that she had a church activity to go to, and I figured since Lexie will be having fun at church with her peers why don't we have a bit of fun with the kids in D.C. Like I mentioned in an earlier post The Renwick Gallery, and all their exhibits were truly a spectacular display of American creativity and fine artistry, and we are so glad we saw it! 

Since the museum took up most of our day (because seriously, one museum can take up your entire day) we didn't have a lot of time to take in all the booths at the market, and so being that the rain brought forth such beautiful sunshine we walked around the hill, and captured a few photos. You can see why we love coming here so much. 
Noah and Chelsea were having the time of their life here as they always do when we venture out to unknown places. They love browsing, and looking inside windows to see what merchandise is in the store, and are so curious as to what people are selling. Most of the people were already packing up their stuff which gives us an excuse to come again, and spend more time here especially when the shops on 7th street are open. 
Woven history is one store I would have loved to seen! They normally have rugs draping over the rod iron fence, but the shop was closed. See, I definitely have to come back now! 

The kids were super excited when we found this book store. Too bad it was closed, but for some reason there were books left outside on a table. I'm not sure if they were there for anyone to take, but no one was around and the kids just took a gander at which books they were, and then I told them to put them down, and continue on our walk. Strange, but who knows. Next time we come maybe I'll ask why there were books outside when they were closed! 
Walking around makes tummies hungry, and so we decided to eat at a place we've never been. As we were walking down the shops we noticed a place called District Taco, and because the food looked pretty good we decided to try it, and I was pretty impressed. Not as good as the authentic mexican food I'm used to eating in Texas, but for the east coast it's pretty good. 
Every mexican place we eat at Noah always has to get his chips and salsa. And orange fanta!
Okay...only my true tex-mex buddies would understand, and know this word, and sometimes I miss hearing it. Orale!
It was such a beautiful day, and we really love coming here. Sometimes I wonder had Jon taken the job in Bowie, Maryland years ago instead of Jersey how our lives would be today. Would I have had Noah? Would Jon still have been with AT&T and not UPS? Who knows. One thing for sure is that we wouldn't have to be driving two and a half hours to the temple, or D.C. to see the sights. But luckily for us, we enjoy traveling by car, and have amazing kids who are good at enduring long car rides. I love, love my life, and I'm so glad I still have these two kiddos who keep us on the go because just like Sierra, Lexie will be off to college, and on her own! This is where I'm grateful for that five year age gap, and for airplanes so that they can come back to visit! Love these kids of ours! 
Until next time D.C. 

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