Friday, May 20, 2016

Spring Art Show '16.

Growing up I don't recall ever being as artistic as my girls are when it came to drawing. I know that the encouragement that the kids receive not only comes from their teacher, but their grandma as well. Art it is a way of expressing themselves, and the more effort, and work they put into it helps them to develop such a talent. I think that is one of the major reasons why my mother-in-law gifts them art supplies, sketchbooks, and the best drafting, and drawing pencils there are out there, and why I expose my kids to art museums. We live in a perfect spot where there are so many museums to get inspired. So many, and especially grateful for teachers who have a love for it enough to go out of their way to display over 1000 pieces on the walls of their school, but most of all for teaching the kids to understand that art is important. That without it there would be no way to express our emotions. That without it there would be no color, thought, or imagination. It's amazing how well these kids did on their pieces this year. 
Last years art show was very impressive, and I think it's because they did the work of Picasso which is a personal favorite. This year Chelsea's fifth grade class concentrated on discovering the world of optical illusions, and they also studied the artwork of Victor Vasarely. The students used curved lines and contrasting colors in a repeating pattern to create these three dimensional examples of Optical art, and I think Chelsea did a pretty good job! 
They also became familiar with Andy Warhol's style of art. He was famous for his style known as "pop art" in which Chelsea drew a mr. pibb soda bottle. Pretty cool! 

As I was walking through the hallways seeing all these walls covered with colored pictures brightened up my day. I really appreciate any kind of art. Whether it's Picasso, Chelsea's, or any other child. 
Total daddy's girl! Jon was impressed with the way she created her very own landscape with watercolors. You can see the whole picture at the top of this post! 
 // Saw this in the hallway, and it's the truth baby! //
 I'm sure going to miss Ms. Czbas. She has been such an inspiration to all my children. Especially when she taught  the drama class at Lewis middle school where my oldest daughter first met her. She has taught all of my kids a love for art, and I hope that the next school we go to that Noah will be lucky to have a teacher like her.  
Thank you Ms. Czbas for being such a great example to my children when it came to the arts. Your talent, and knowledge in teaching our children has a been a blessing. I think we ended Chelsea's final year at Blackwood with a fabulous art show! 

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend! 

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