Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How We've "Bloomed" In Faith In God.

I probably sound like a broken record when I mention not being raised with any of the programs in the LDS church because of being raised in a different affiliation, but being that this month is my 23 anniversary of being a member of this church makes me extremely grateful to be active in it, because as I get older I continue to learn, and "bloom" with my current calling I have in the church. 

At the end of each school year we hold an event for all the young girls ages 8-11, and come together to talk about what we've learned this past year. Every year we come up with a theme that's suitable for the event, and this year I chose, "How We've Bloomed in Faith in God." 
This was my very first time organizing an event with this specific calling, and I have to say that it was pretty fun! Granted those tissue paper flowers were not my forte, but luckily I have amazing daughters who helped me make most of them, and a husband who pitched in at the last minute to fluff them up. You can view snippets of that on my snapchat (r_jorgensen) before it disappears. The girls found it amusing to see their pa doing a craft! Go Jon! 
Our primary president was such a huge help with this, and came up with most of the ideas. We both put together planters for the girls to take home. I collected a ton of tin cans, and we wrapped them with card stock, put potting soil in baggies, tied them up with pretty ribbon, added a seed packet, and a paper fan that read, "Bloom where your planted" for good measure. Super adorable! 
All the girls had a talent to share and I've got to say that I'm so impressed with these group of girls including my own kid because at their age they are all busy growing up with the world all while developing a talent. Some played piano, demonstrated a sport, and expressed their creativity through art. We have some amazing little artists, musicians, and athletes in our midst, and it was so nice to see them in action.
// You can hear Chelsea play a part of her piece on my snapchat // 

We had a member of our bishopric share his remarks to our girls about developing talents and how important it is to cultivate, and share it. 
It was also nice to hear the parents come up, and express a few words on how their daughters have grown in the past year, and every parent had such sweet sayings to say about their child including my own. Jon and Chelsea are alike in many ways, and I can tell that he's her favorite, and that's okay by me! I love that they have such a close bond, and that she can learn a lot from him because he's as awesome as they come! 

I'm extremely grateful to be teaching these girls twice a month, and to learn and "blossom" with them. It seems like the older I get, the more I am taught by these girls, including my own kid. 

Not only is this program wonderful and fun, but it's crucial for our girls of this age to come and participate. It is vital for them to attend so that it can prepare them for young women which is another program for girls ages 12-18. When these girls attend I can see how much it truly helps them stand firm in their beliefs, and uphold their standards. No matter how busy their young lives begin to get with school, sports, and extra curricular activities it makes me happy to see that they make the time to see me every other week for an hour in the evening to be taught true principles of the gospel. Learning and living the gospel, developing talents, and serving others is something that is important for all them of them to inhibit, and I already see that in the girls. I know that if they continue to work on those three important values that they will grow up to become amazing young women, and continue to stand firm with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and His teachings. 
It truly was a wonderful evening, and I think the fact that we had yummy desert was the "dirt in the cup" or as some may say "the icing on the cake." Thanks Kristen for making it! 
With each calling comes great blessings, and growth in the gospel, and I'm so grateful to have this one for the time being and to be teaching my daughter in it! I love how any church event connects families together, and helps build a closer bond with their parents. I can see the sparkle in the girls eyes when their parents come and support them, and that tells me that we are all on the same path to improve our parental skills to be the best we can be! 

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