Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Girls Weekend in The City!

Once in a while we all need to have a little get away not only with our family, but with our girlsfriends too. Just the other day I was talking to a girlfriend of mine of how I wish we could have a girls getaway" and how it's been years since I've actually gone anywhere with a friend. We mentioned how time, and money can become a factor, and the fact that we just love our families so much, and feel that it's okay to stay home, and not do anything is really okay, but then we looked at each other and said, "but we still need a break!" And it's not because our families annoy us, or that we wish to be away from them, but to get away because we'll love, and appreciate them even more when we return, and to also keep our sanity as a mother, wife, and overall human being! 

This past weekend one of my dearest friends Maggie had texted me asking if I wanted to spend the weekend in NYC. Surprisingly enough I didn't jump on the opportunity only because it was so spontaneous. I know, here I am the supposedly spontaneous mom who will go anywhere at the drop of a hat, but hesitated at this opportunity! Well, after about ten minutes of thinking I texted her back saying yes! She also had me at temple too! We have gone to the temple many times before in Manhattan, but have never spent the entire weekend away from my family. I love that she was so willing to provide for me, and because I am moving out of South Jersey wanted to do something nice. I love the fact that we were able to get away from the things that can be weighing us down whether it's relocating to a new area, packing, and! 

Attending the temple was the highlight of this trip. I hadn't gone since Sierra was here, and when we attempted to go a couple months ago it was closed! So going to the temple recently was something that my body, and soul really needed. I know how important it is to return frequently to the temple, and the blessings I receive from going are unimaginable! 

When you're in the city the day tends to go by so fast, and even though it was sprinkling drops of rain we walked around for a bit. I was craving a cookie from Levein bakery, but didn't really want to stand in line, (and believe me the line was super looooong) so I wasn't able to satisfy that craving. That's what we get for coming on a Saturday close to closing time! Guess I'll grab some next time I come! We had such a grand time even though it took us forever to find a hotel.  And, because it's the weekend we had to take what we can get so we ended up staying in this small rinky dink motel, but man oh man was it fun! Totally reminded me of our college days, and Maggie and i were laughing at all the cons that this motel offered! Too bad my snaps from that night are now erased, because they were pretty hilarious. As long as the room had a bed to sleep on was fine with me.  

Another highlight of the trip was going to church on Sunday, and can I tell you how humbling this ward was! It totally felt like the United Nations. I loved seeing so much diversity, and everyone was so welcoming! One thing I love about this church is that it's nationwide, and no matter where I go there is always going to be a church around where there will be brothers and sisters welcoming us with open arms. It was a wonderful weekend, and coming home to see my family brought such joy to my heart. No matter how much I love my family, I know that having a little getaway is refreshing, and doing just that this past weekend is a reminder to me that I need to do this more often! 

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