Friday, March 24, 2017

Springtime in New York!

Spring has pretty much sprung on this side of my world, and my dear friend Ceyda, and her little girl couldn't have come to visit us at a better time. It has been almost four years since I'd seen her, and even though we talk on the phone, chat via text, and social media nothing beats the presence of having one of your most dearest friends visit you! Noah and Celeste immediately became best buds again. They were almost three when they last saw each other, and when they arrived Noah greeted her as if he had seen her yesterday! It has been an amazing two days with my friend, and I'm so grateful she is here! 

The afternoon sunshine yesterday felt so good on my back, and face as we were walking through central park, and it looks like it is here to stay, hopefully at least until she leaves next week. Going to New York City when any of my friends come visit is mandatory, and we spent the entire day there, and even went to Brooklyn in the evening to show Ceyda some of my favorite spots! I was so happy that Jon had the day off so he can be our personal photographer, and even though I told him to capture photos of us it seems that he is in most of the pictures than I am! 

Noah is such an explorer. It never fails that when we come here he always wants to climb on the rocks, and find  some grooves in hopes that he'll find some treasure. 

The Granite slide is another favorite thing Noah likes to go to, and when we introduced it to Celeste, she grew with  excitement! Jon found some cardboard for the kids, and we were lucky to have been the only ones there for at least half an hour. Jon even slid down with Noah, and you can watch that fun video on my instagram here

I'd heard of Tavern on The Green restaurant since forever, but never had the desire to eat there. I didn't even know it had closed down for a few years, and then reopened not too long ago! I am so glad that I called to see if they were open. Being that it is inside central park, and convenient for us to walk to we decided to give it a try. I would advise making a reservation beforehand, because it looks like this place is always full, but luckily we only waited 15 minutes to be seated. It was around 3pm when we ate, and it wasn't too crowded. It truly is a beautiful place, and the food was magnificent!! 

I captured a few photos while we were waiting, and the kids were so good at being patient. These two together are so cute. I swear they are kindred spirits! They've only seen each other twice in seven years, and they act as if they've known each other forever. 


Me, my love, and my little photobomber! 
We ventured out further into the park, and walked forever in a day which was a good thing because of all the food we ate! Central park is truly an amazing place, and Ceyda couldn't contain her composure. She went to town taking tons of photos! She absolutely loves it here, and her little girl was so excited to be here. Her favorite movie is Secret life of pets, and was looking for them all throughout the park. It broke my heart when her mom told her it wasn't real, and that it was just a movie. Celeste is in denial, and believes that those pets are real! It was so cute how she would walk around trying to find them! 
Our day ended with some grub at Shake Shack in Dumbo, and walking through Brooklyn bridge park. 
 It was an amazing day, and can totally relive this day over, and over again! Especially with my crazy girl! Love ya Ceyda! 

**If you didn't get a chance to look at my insta stories while in new york, you can view my story on instagram before it disappears! 

And for the rest of you reading this...have an amazing weekend! 

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