Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Noah-isms in March.

Me: "Celeste is coming to stay with us for a whole week Noah! Noah: "I don't want her to stay here for a week! I want her to stay with us for 100 days mom!" 

While Noah was hugging, and kissing me on my cheek i turned and my hair went in his mouth. He said, "eww mom, your hair tastes like deodorant, and shampoo!" 

While playing outside during our recent snowstorm, Noah comes in with a very cool shaped icicle and asked if he could save this, and put it in his box! I laughed and told him that I couldn't because it would melt. He sighed, and went out to get more icicles just in case the one he game me melted...and to play some more. 

At the dinner table, "Noah, how can you drink so much milk!" I can't even drink that much. Noah-"That's because I'm a growing boy, and boys are supposed to drink more milk than girls."

While on my smartphone Noah was giving me hugs, and kisses, and tells me, "mom! get off off your phone, and pay attention to me!" That really woke me up! I got off it real quick. Gotta treasure those moments with him that I can't get back! 

While holding Noah Lexie asked him to say something that begins with the letter "I." He said, "interesting." Lexie laughed, and said "no, try it again. It's three words." Noah immediately caught what she was getting him to say, and he said, "I love you."

Not a whole lot of Noahisms as you can read, but the things he says that make me laugh, and help me remember are the ones I record, and I love every word uttered out of this little boys mouth. Except words like dumb, and stupid. I'll let "seriously mom" slide sometimes, but then I realized that it depends in what context he uses it. If it sounds like he's talking back then I nip it super quick, he'll shed a tear or two (mean mom), and he learned his lesson! Overall, he's a fun little boy who I love soooooooooooo much! My life is totally filled with him in my life! 

Happy Wednesday folks! 

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