Friday, March 17, 2017

Storm Stella.

There's something about the snow that brings fun, boredom for some, and unity within a community. My neighborhood has the nicest neighbors. I may not see them too much during the day, but this past snowstorm brought most of them out. It was so nice to see our neighbors helping each other shovel each others sidewalks. It reminded of the time I lived in Utah years ago when we had one of the worst snowstorms, and neighbors from our church showed up out of nowhere and began going to town shoveling sidewalks! 

I was amazed at their service, and sure do miss my dear friends who did that! Being a Texas girl had no idea it could get this bad. My two oldest daughters were 10 and five, and at that time always wanted to play in the snow. I didn't blame them. The snow in Utah is fluffy, and powdery, where here in the east it's a wet snow, turns into slush, and when it freezes turns into rock snow! Oh the memories of our winters in Utah! And look at that tree over our neighbors car! So much snow that we were literally snowed in for days! 
Now back to Storm Stella. 
I had to go out, and buy a few necessities, and in my opinion the roads weren't too bad. I guess having lived where it snows, and having driven in it for ten years makes me a bit fearless to drive in it. So much for my pro snow driving skills. As I drove in my driveway I ended up getting stuck, but luckily a few friends came to our rescue to get us unstuck! After shoveling a ton, the kids played outside for a bit while Lexie and I watched a couple of movies. She deserved it after all the shoveling she did all around the car, and underneath to help get us out! This storm really made our part of Jersey a ghost town in the morning. It was kind of nice not having too many cars rushing down the highway, but it was too quiet. It was nice for a while, and as much as I am grateful for the moisture I am soooooooo ready for Spring, summer, road trips, and the beach! 

And so this kid can stop eating hard snow. Don't worry, it was clean. 
Hope y'all survived Stella, and that you have a happy weekend! 

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