Friday, March 31, 2017

Cherry Blossoms In Washington D.C!

Last year when we went to D.C, over general conference weekend to see the cherry blossoms I was a bit disappointed because they had already fallen onto the ground. Weather in this part of the country during spring is crazy/different, and we can never tell if the blossoms are in full bloom the end of March or beginning of April. Well, luckily we went last weekend to see the blossoms because after all the rain we just had today those blossoms are probably all over the ground.
In all honesty going to D.C. never disappoints because there is always something to do, or somewhere to go in that city. There have been times where we did see the blossoms in full, full bloom, and I was in heaven. I literally felt as if we were being showered in blossoms. I absolutely love this time of year, and even if it rains it's okay. Because after all...without rain, there are no flowers. 

I captured a few photos along the tidal basin, and there were some trees that were budding, and still bare, and some that were in full bloom. 
I spy the Jefferson memorial.
My little climber. I had to tell Noah not to climb the cherry blossom trees. Good thing he's somewhat of a good listener. 
sibling love all the way with these two! 
 It seriously looks like there's popcorn on these trees! 
As we were walking along the tidal basin we noticed the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial, and finally stopped to take in all the feels! This statue of him is so appealing, and to read all the MLK quotes along the wall warmed my heart. Truly brought tears to my eyes. What a perfect spot in the national mall to honor him in all the goodness that he brought into this world with the civil rights movement, and all. He truly is an icon of all eras who's famous quote "I have a dream" lives on! 
Such a wonderful day spent with this bunch. If you notice Chelsea missing that's because she wasn't feeling too well, and so she stayed home with my dear friend Ceyda who was visiting me for a week! I told Chelsea we'd bring her next time when she feels better, and we will. 
But for now I'll leave you with this picture of her from two years ago! She truly has grown in height, and that baby face seems to be gone forever (tear!)

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