Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My Little Boy Is Growing Up!

When I first started my blog I was looking back in the archives from 2011, and was practically writing every little thing about my kids, but mainly Noah and Sierra. Sierra is my oldest, and accomplished so much throughout her high school career that I had to document it not only for me, but for her posterity as well. I really enjoy writing about my family among other things, but eventually things will shift with my writing in this blog once my kids are on their own.
Sierra has her own blog to document her life which gives me an excuse to not write about too much. Unless it's a very special occasion then of course, I will include her in it, but overall she loves to write, and from time to time will share some of her life's experiences on there. 

Noah is my youngest, and lately it seems as if I've been sharing, blogging, and posting more pictures of his sweet face, and his life lately more than the girls, but seriously...can this kid just stop growing up! Each day I awake, and stare long and hard at all my kids, but this kid I stare just a little bit longer because time is fleeting, and before i know it he's going be 12! He is literally growing a half an inch every week. Wish I had one of those big rulers to see how quick he grows just so y'all can see how fast he's becoming- like a beanstalk. 

Last week he lost his two front teeth back to back, and it was surreal. Surreal because not even my girls teeth fell off that quick let alone their two front teeth! Every time I tell Noah that he's growing up so fast, and to try to stop he'll say, "but I can't mom. I'm supposed to grow tall like papa." True. But because he is my last baby, and only boy I can't help but to wish for time to stop for like a gazillion years so that I can still be able to carry him upstairs when he falls asleep on the couch, to wash his hair after he's done with his bath, for him to allow me to kiss every owie he gets because when he's older, I don't think he'll let me do that! To be able to smother him with lots of hugs, and kisses before he gets on the bus before he starts saying "yuck mom!" Who knows...he may be the total opposite, and will still cuddle with me until he's 10, 11, and 12 years old! He's such an affectionate kid, and always wants to cuddle on the couch with me and dad, but it's mostly just me. Ha ha!     

I'm just so grateful for all my kids, and am so proud of all of them. I sure don't look forward to being an empty nestor, and although I have a long ways to go to reach that point I am enjoying all my time with these kids. They are my world, and I would do anything for them. 
And even though I'm a bit melancholy because time is fleeting with my kids, I do looking forward to watching all of them grow, and to continue to watch Noah's personality blossom. 

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