Thursday, March 9, 2017

Celebrating Dr. Seuss!

One thing I will forever be grateful for are books, and the opportunity I had to sit in with some very prestigious educators including the President of the NEA to talk about education. Ever since they gifted me with a letter of appreciation, and a 25th anniversary edition of "Oh, The Places You Go" book, I have relished the importance of reading, and academic growth in children. 

Growing up my outlet in life was reading. Even though we didn't own any books I somehow always managed to have a book in hand, and read my heart away. Whether it was at school, or in the backyard of our little house. Those reading days I will always remember. I don't recall having Dr. Seuss Night at my elementary school though. I do, however, remember reading lots and lots of books, and being in a reading club at school, but as far as celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday is something we didn't do, and if we did it wasn't as elaborate as how certain schools celebrate him now. 

The past few years of celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday has been one of my favorite occasions of being a mother. All my kids had opportunities each year during school to recognize this wonderful legacy which helped them start out their reading skills! Reading Dr. Seuss books never gets old in our house, and the kids always looked forward to their Dr. Seuss days. Last night Noah's school celebrated Dr. Seuss birthday, and let me tell you...they sure know how to throw a party! I was very impressed on how organized, and well put everything was. 

There were different stations where you can make a mustache, slime, and a table where you can bring an old book, and swap it for another. It flowed very well, and I couldn't believe how many people showed. It was packed, and even though Noah had a long day at school he had a pretty good time. 
His reaction to slime was too funny. He enjoyed making it, but once it began to harden up, he was like, "um, no!"He still had fun though!

We also made crafty Dr. Seuss bags! 

I sure am treasuring these school days with this little guy. Time went by too fast when Chelsea had her Dr. Seuss days, and now she's 12!!!! Soon Noah will be in middle school so you better believe I'm savoring every moment with him, and going to every school activity that he has!  

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