Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Why My Kids Don't Own A Smartphone...At Least Not Yet.

Having a smartphone is a great tool to have especially in this digital age, and but there is a reason why I will not buy, not even my tween a smartphone. At least until they are 16, or mature enough to own one. I just don't feel the need at this point in time for them to have one. It can be such a distraction, and as much as I love technology (you can tell because of my overused instagram account, and picture posting) it definitely has its pros and cons.
My kids are amazed with the smartphones, and all the cool things that they do. The educational apps, and how quick it is to find something on google. They are very curious, especially Noah as to how to use certain apps, and what some of them are, and how it can benefit them to their use. They love finding out what is new online, and what new apps there are when it comes to educational wise. I have to admit that there are times when I will allow Noah to play on my phone, and the one thing he loves to do is watch YouTube videos on how to build a transformer! He is one smart kid, but what a relief it is to see when I say "time's up" a well mannered quite little boy calmly returning my phone back to me without any hesitation, and or throwing any tantrums. Thanks to my husbands occupation at the time with AT&T Noah was introduced to the iPhone when he was two, and every time we have given him the phone he has never, ever thrown any kind of tantrum. He understands when enough is enough, and when it's time to get off. He clearly understands that a smartphone is a good tool, but that we don't need to be on it all the time. Another thing I'm grateful for is that they don't really care to play games on them. Sure they'll watch a movie on netflix while on a super long road trip, but other than that they bring stuff to draw, books, and what is a road trip without playing games such as I spy, or the license plate game. I am very archaic when it comes to road trips, and at times will just put my phone out of sight where the kids won't even bother asking for it. 

My oldest was 16 when she got an iPhone, and her generation today is fixated on social media. I do follow her on all her accounts, but because she leads a busy life noticed she hardly posts which is good because like i said, that phone can be such a distraction. She didn't even get a laptop until she was in college, and till this day we still have one computer in the house! 

Lexie, who is now 17 doesn't have a smartphone. She does have an iPod which she is content with and when she's in a hot spot will post a photo on IG which is very rare, and doesn't use it on a daily basis like me! Ha Ha! But seriously, all kidding aside I write more, and share a photo of my day, but I have controlled myself, and with my kids seeing that example in me not posting too much will help them realize that they don't need to be on it too much either. Lexie specifically uses it to listen to music, and tune her violin, and has a snapchat, but in all honesty is too busy, and focused on her school work that she literally doesn't have time to constantly be on it. We've had many lessons, and conversations about phones especially when we got our oldest daughter one when she was 16, and was a pretty good sport on not abusing the social media too much.  She's now 21, and I noticed that she hardly posts. We've taught our girls to use it for good, and use their time wisely on it. 

Chelsea has no phone nor does she ask for one. She will sometimes have Lexie's old school phone for emergencies, but other than that no smartphone yet! 

Who knows how technology is going to be when she and Noah are in high school, but for now I am happy with how I am teaching them the importance of technology while not needing a smartphone, and that it's okay to be old school and write things down with a notepad and pencil like their mother! 

Another thing also is that we don't even own a wii, or xbox or whatever the latest game system is today, and that our kids are archaic when it comes to entertaining themselves and self-learning. 

I am so glad that I set up these rules to all my kids when smartphones first came out, and at a young age, and that they understand why we have set rules when it comes to any technology. 

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