Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy First Day Of Spring!

For the past couple of days Noah has been anxious to pull out all the easter decorations, and because it was a perfect Spring day we both happily did it together. He's now fully aware that every month has a special occasion or holiday. Just the other day these are the words that he uttered, "January is Lexie & Chelseas birthday, February is for Valentines, March is for my leprechaun, April is for easter, May is Sierra's birthday, June is for the beach, July is for road trips, August is for camping, September is mom's birthday, October is halloween, November is thanksgiving, and December is dads birthday, and christmas! He forgets that our anniversary is in December too, but that's okay. He's seven! 

So earlier today when he came home from school we looked over some of Jon's old missionary photos so that I can talk about missionary work, preparing for a mission for a family home evening lesson, and then he asked if we could take the easter egg decorations out. Of course I said yes, and he was so happy. It's funny because he's a boy, and I wouldn't think that he would get all giddy. Then again he's always excited when Christmas comes, and when it's time to put the lights & decorations on the tree. When the girls were little they would always get excited when I pulled out any kind of decorations, but I think this time of year with the girls being so busy with school they leave it up to Noah to have all the excitement, and allow him to help me decorate. It's like they've had their turn for so many years, so let him have all the fun. I've downsized a lot on holiday decorations, and only keep what is simple, and important. The fact that I bought this book last year made an even bigger difference in our life as to how we celebrate Easter, and what it's all about. 
I snapped a few photos from beginning to end of Noah helping me decorate. From laying the runner on the table, to setting the centerpiece. If you follow me on Instagram there's a story on there too about our day, and he's so cute helping me decorate. He is such a good little helper! 
He even had some fun pretending he had eggs for eyes.  
It might be a little early to put up decorations, but oh how I love the bright colors of spring! I figure if I take them out, and wear springy looking clothes that spring is here to stay! 
Happy first day of spring everyone and hope y'all have a great week! 

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