Friday, March 10, 2017

A Look Back At Our "Wicked" Day!

I will always remember the very first time we stepped foot on broadway in NYC. Sierra, and Lexie have been fans of the Wizard of Oz since birth, and when we first moved to Jersey the first thing we did that year of living here was drive to New York to see Wicked at the Gershwin theater

Since these pictures never made it into the blog I figured I'd post it on here for the girls to remember...especially Sierra & Lexie.
 Oh My gosh...they are so young! I can't believe this was nine years ago!
 Mandatory stage photos! 

Sierra was 12, and Lexie was eight. They were super excited to see Wicked. Heck I was excited to finally see wicked! It was such a nice evening to spend with the girls. Too bad Chelsea was too little to come with us, but time spent with her dad while we were watching the show was good enough for her. She was a three year old toddler to b walking around the streets of new york sitting so contently on Jon's shoulders. All she seemed to care about at the time were the lights, and tall buildings. Nothing phased her. She was just so happy to be with papa walking around times square without a care in the world. She was so mesmerized by all the people, and how tall the buildings were. While we were at the show Jon entertained her by taking her to the M&M store where he bought her a colorful m&m bear. She still has it, and still remembers the day he bought it for her. Memories of her first time in new york seem so vivid for her, and I don't think she'll ever get rid of that bear no matter how old it gets! That bear has seen the washer too many times!  

Now that Chelsea is older we all have made a plan to take her to see Wicked before it closes. Not that it's closing anytime soon, but you never know. Since we can't get tickets to see Hamilton right now might as well take advantage, and see Wicked again. 

This will be her second broadway show, and is excited to finally see it! She was lucky to have seen Mary Poppins before it closed, and had so much fun. There are so many shows to see with not enough time, or money!! Ha ha! We definitely try to see a broadway show once a year, and it is long overdue. Who knows...maybe we'll be lucky enough to score some Hamilton tickets. Thanks to her history teacher that show is now Lexie's favorite! 

Let's not forget Noah. There are so many shows he would like to see too! Matilda is at the top of his list! 

Happy Friday folks! 

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