Tuesday, March 7, 2017

We Call This Park, Our Jersey Street Playground.

I treasure these days where I still have one small child who loves the park. Whether it's 100 degrees, or 30 degrees nothing stops us from being cooped up in the house to go outside and enjoy some brisk cold weather with a little bit of sunshine, and just look at that unfiltered blue sky! Absolutely a gorgeous day! If it wasn't for the sun shining we may not have stayed as long as we did, but the feeling of being outdoors in an area where there is nothing but highway, and farm land surrounding me brings me comfort. And I am grateful for those nearby playgrounds that are within walking distance. Especially when your vehicle is out of commission! 
This past Saturday while Jon was working on the van, and Lexie doing her homework I took Chelsea, and Noah to the playground. Such a quaint little park in our neck of the woods. No one hardly goes there except the neighboring kids, and there aren't a lot of kids in our neighborhood. That's what we get for choosing a house that is literally surrounded by farmland! Makes me miss our old area where residences were literally adjoined with businesses, the wawa was within walking distance, and we could drive five minutes to Arby's instead of 35 minutes! Yep. It's bittersweet living in our new area where we've been now for seven months, but luckily I manage to find ways to adjust, and have joy in my journey of living life no matter where we are!
I captured a few shots of the kids playing around. Noah loves his scooter, and scooted on the court for awhile. Someone left a basketball, and Noah wanted to shoot some hoops. He was getting frustrated when he was trying to shoot it from the ground, but then I put him on my shoulders, and he said, "I'm taller mommy!" He attempted the shot, but didn't make it, but left a happy child because he was sitting on my shoulders. 

I think one things that keeps the girls, no matter what age they are returning to the park are the swings. If there are swings at a park then Chelsea will go! She and Noah had so much fun swinging away in sync.

It was such a fun afternoon, and I feel that as long as we dress warm that we can tolerate the bitter cold. Jersey weather has been hot, and cold, and it looks like we are back to 50 degree temperatures, and then a little bit of snow this sunday. What??? Truly bizarre, but luckily the past few snowstorms were not too heavy, and  that we managed to live through them unscathed. 

Here's to warmer days ahead, and looking forward to spring!

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