Monday, May 8, 2017

A Reminder On Keeping The Faith.

One thing I love about the LDS church in the spring is when they have BYU women's conference. I have yet to attend one in person, but oh how edifying they are. Had I known about them while I lived in Utah in my 20's, or had I been invited to go with someone I would have totally taken advantage of attending. Now that I'm in my 40's I am more involved in reading all about the presenters that were featured to speak. Very inspirational. If I lived even two hours away from Provo I would totally attend one. So for any of you who live anywhere in the Salt Lake Valley, please go! 
Same with the LDS devotionals that are now given, and are easily accessed via Internet! Had the leaders of our church started these devotionals years ago how much more knowledgeable I would be today as a woman in my late 40's. But then again, I am glad that I learned about the gospel the way I did, and that I'm learning more about it everyday as I attend my meetings, the temple, and read the scriptures today. And how grateful I am that these devotionals are given for every young adult in the nation, and that they are here for my kids so that they can watch, grow, listen, and hopefully learn. 
Last night's devotional was an amazing reminder on the journey of our first prophet Joseph Smith, and his true faith in Jesus Christ. He faced more trials while setting in motion in restoring the gospel. But because of his faith in God, and the power he knew that came from The Lord, he persevered, and accomplished in restoring the Book of Mormon. 

Many times in our life we face difficulty in this journey we are living. But knowing that miracles do exist by relying on our Heavenly Father that we can become filled with faith, and that we can learn to lean on Him rather than on our own heart. I have learned many lessons throughout living this life especially in the past 25 years of being a member of this church. And yet, I'm still learning. And I believe that's why we continue to have trials, challenges, and lessons to be learned

One of my favorite excerpts from Elder Kim B. Clark's talk was...

"My beloved brothers, and sisters all across the earth, I say to you tonight, trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. He knew Joseph [Smith's] name; He knows your name. He loves you, and He works in your life. Through His mercy, grace, and love you can rise up, and like the prophet Joseph, overcome every trial, and become what you are destined to be; valiant, faithful Latter-Day Saints, leaders in your eternal families, and in His true, and living church, true disciples of Jesus Christ, full of His light, and His love, prepared to receive the Savior when He comes again."

This is also my prayer for my children. I know they are going to face difficulty sooner, or later, and pray that they will lead in their own light, and when they fall short to know that Heavenly Father loves them, and that we love them too.

**You can listen to the entire devotional here. 

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