Sunday, May 28, 2017

Currently: Montauk, New York

Due to some major technical errors on our vintage iMac I wasn't able to blog for a whole week which gave me some time to be old school, unwind, and cleanse my mind of being on the internet too much. Hopefully my time away from blogging gave some of my new readers extra time to catch up on reading some of my archives! Nonetheless our iMac is back to normal, the problem is fixed, and I'm back to blogging! 

Here's hoping everyone is having a wonderful long weekend! Not too much has been going on except that we had a lot of rain this past week which resulted in staying home a lot. Allergies are still affecting some of my kids, but manage to get through it thanks to Allegra D. They are all doing exceptionally well in school, and look forward to summer coming! Only 15 more days of school! 

We are currently in Montauk near the Hamptons spending the day here, and oh my heavens is it dreamy! I'll blog more about our short trip later, but for now you can take a peek at my Instastory on my Instagram . We are also getting some shut eye as we will be on our way to Connecticut to attend a friends missionary homecoming this morning! We love this time together as a family which we haven't done in a while. School most definitely prevents us from outings like this during the week, and look forward to long weekends. We are hopeful that summer will bring more fun trips for us to enjoy, and appreciate! 

Take care everyone, and I'll write soon!  

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