Monday, May 22, 2017

Lexie & Zach-Senior Prom.

This post is mainly going to consist of photos because everyone looked so beautiful. Lexie getting asked to prom got her pretty giddy mainly because she loves the group of friends she went with, and the young man she escorted was a gentleman. So instead of writing my heart out as to how the day went in regards to her getting ready, and all the fun that happened before I am going to quote Lexie as to what she wrote on her instagram she shared with her friends about attending her first prom in her junior year, "Hey, so um...never had a conversation before but...prom?? Tubular-est night ever!" And the comments to that, "no comment." Seriously though, everyone said she looked beautiful! And we all agreed! 

And now for some photos...
Gotto have a photo with our kiddos! 
The corsage.
The first couple arrives, and I go to town taking random photos! And so does Zach's dad!
Second couple arrives, and then Lexie, and Kelly decide to do a little swinging. 
The whole gang is finally together, and they are ready to attend the red carpet at the school. 
And last, but not least a few photos with her sibs...
And a few shots from the red carpet. 
Because they all looked like movie stars!
Such a beautiful couple, and they had such a great evening that lasted until the wee hours of the morning. Yes...I wrote morning! There were like five buses that drove all the kids to The Fun Plex in Mt. Laurel that consisted of bowling, arcade games, go-karts (Lexie's favorite), and tons of great food! What made it safe were the number of chaperones, and a lock down. Meaning that no student can leave the premises regardless if they wanted to go home early. They all arrived on the fancy buses, and were brought back to the school via school bus! I wasn't too worried because i knew she was in good hands with the entire student body including the teachers. 

And that's how all school proms should be! No fatalities, and no drugs or alcohol! 

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