Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Montauk Lighthouse & East Hampton Beach.

So much happiness happened over the weekend. I think we all literally got but four hours of sleep throughout the entire weekend, but our trip to Montauk and Connecticut was so worth all the driving we did. I feel so blessed to be in an area where there are known, unhidden gems that we have never been to, and when I heard how beautiful Montauk, and the Hamptons are (thanks to my favorite movie Something's Gotta Give) I figured why not go check it out, and have some fun on the beach!   

It's been decided that we seriously need to get Noah to take surfing lessons. He loves the ocean, the water, and surfboards. Not a great swimmer, but he will learn while taking lessons! It was his choice so let's see how that goes! Here's a little video of him pretending to surf. 

There is also a lighthouse in Montauk, and if you know me I am a lover of lighthouses! And you better believe we are going to stop and take a look!  
We arrived a few minutes after closing so we weren't able to tour it, but just look at the sky! The sun was setting, and it was a gorgeous view. I captured a few photos, and most of them are a bit dark because I didn't use a filter. Just captured them with my regular iPhone. I think some of them came out pretty good though! 
After spending the entire day here we realized that there was so much to do, and that we need to plan a vacation here to pack in all the things we'd like to do, and places we'd like to eat. There are so many quaint shops on Montauk highway, as well as on Main Street in East Hampton. The beaches, food, and even the people were nice. Especially the family man who took this picture of us! Such a fun day spent with this tribe of mine that I love so, so much! 

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