Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Pre-Prom Gathering.

Last Saturday Lexie attended her Mormon prom, (for those of you who are not familiar with Mormon prom you can read this article), and the way she dressed for the occasion seemed as if she walked onto the set of Downton Abbey. She's a fan of the show as well as a major anglophile, and when I told her she resembled Lady Sybil she crossed her hands, and did peace signs, and had a huge smile on her face. Even though her character died early on in the show Lady Sybil was the most caring, and compassionate sister, and Lexie certainly has that attribute. I think I'd rather have her look like Lady Sybil than her snarky sister Lady Mary (although I do love that one too!) 

A few youth from church all gathered together for a pre-prom dinner at a friends home, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Lexie, and her date Curtis had a nice time, and he looked pretty groovy. I love that we had this gathering so that the parents, and especially the kids can all get to be more comfortable with each other outside a church setting. Everyone looked great and it was fun seeing everyone laughing while  being in a safe environment. 
I'm so grateful for Mormon proms and for all the leaders who put in the effort in organizing and making it fun for the youth. This is something that is safe for our children to attend where they can have "clean" fun. 
Hopefully one year someone can plan a "Downton Abbey" theme. I think that would be ideal!  

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