Monday, May 1, 2017

Blossoms Before Church!

Since church for us doesn't begin until 1:45 I decided to snap a few shots of more blossoms before they start peaking, and falling onto the ground. I have become obsessed with spring, and all the beauty that comes with it! Blossoms, and cherry trees, tulips, and wildflowers. Blame it on moving further north, but the blossoms on this part of the county are absolutely unbelievable in color! I'm very fortunate to not get major allergies this time of year like Jon (sorry babe!), but he's such a good sport and comes outside with us anyways.
He knows how much I love taking photos, and he's pretty good at capturing precious moments behind the lens. We absolutely love spring, and in all honesty am becoming rather fond of the color pink. It is such a colorful season, and watching my kids picking up the petals that have already fallen onto the ground was a joy to see. I can't imagine spring any other way. So without rambling about blossoms I'll just post a few pictures on here so that we can remember this fun day on the last day of April in 2017. 
I can't believe how these two resemble each other! Total twin! 
These two are my major geeks in the family, and two peas in a major pod! They can quote any snippet in the Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, and Shannara Chronicles! Probably because they have read those books like 20 times in their life! 
Always loving on my little guy. Can he please stop growing already! 
I love these kids so much. They may not always get along, but on most days they really do love each other. We try to make the best of everyday. So thankful we have Sunday to reflect on what true happiness is. Family, fun, and remembering who put us all here, and blended us together. Remembering who created this wonderful earth for us to experience, and have joy in. So grateful for all of God's beautiful creations. 
Especially these creatures of ours! 

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