Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Spontaneous Drive to Delaware Canal State Park.

There are many times when we do dates as a family, couple, and individual dates whether it's one on one with the girls, and Noah, and but this time with it being a Saturday Jon and I decided to go for a drive to Delaware Canal State Park to have some two on one time with Noah. With the girls having a church activity until late afternoon we figured this was a perfect time where we can give all of our attention to our sweet boy. As you know boys love the outdoors, and we live in the perfect spot to be able to drive to places where we can hike, and explore nature. 

The day began with rain all morning long, and in all honesty I didn't mind it this time. Driving the backroads in Pennsylvania down the canal is nothing but beautiful, and after it stops raining everything in this area looks so green, and picturesque. If you peek in on my insta stories on Instagram you may have seen a short video of our drive in Pennsylvania. It's so peaceful, and relaxing. Hardly any cars on the road, and all you see is nothing but greenery, trees, deer strolling around, and of course the delaware river. 
After being in the car for 85 minutes Noah got out and walked ran towards the river where he and Jon found the perfect spot to skip rocks. They were both diligently digging into the dirt to find the perfect pebble to skip into the water. I of course helped Noah find a few, but after awhile stood back in awe just watching these two be in their own element as "boys", and as father and son. 
And I just took pictures. 
What turned out to be a simple drive, and a breakfast trip to waffle house turned into a father and son date with a simple hike, skipping rocks, and me as their personal photographer. Sometimes I wonder if I should have stayed home so these two could have done more than a little hike, and skip rocks because they were doing pretty good without me in view. 
Jon always talks about how he looks forward to taking him on hunting, and camping trips, and we are in the perfect location for outings like that. Noah will be turning eight soon which makes him old enough, and somewhat responsible to learn all about the outdoors from an eagle scout! Jon will be his perfect guide, and teacher when that times come, and I too will be guiding, and encouraging him to continue to learn more with his papa. 
These moments make me so happy, and next time the girls have a loooooong church activity to go to I'll tag along with them while Jon and Noah have more "outdoor dates" like this. 
Bye for now, see ya next time! 

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