Monday, May 15, 2017

My Favorite Moments From Mother's Day.

Waking up on Mother's day felt like any other day for me until Noah walked into my room with a paper in his hand. He was the first one to wake up. He was holding a note with a sweet letter he wrote all by himself. His words were so sweet, and it was lovely! He wrote how "he loves to see my face everyday after school when I pick him up." But my favorite moment from Mother's day of Noah was when he was singing to me at church. You can watch a little snippet of that here, and even though he didn't know the words-I know that he loves me. I mean...just look at his reaction when he looks at me saying, "mother i love you!" 

A handmade card from Chelsea where she was brutally honest in expressing her thoughts, and in admitting  how even though she can be a "sassy pest" at times she appreciates me loving her unconditionally. I really appreciated that honest sentiment from her, and her sweet card was beautiful! 
This girl gets "the daughter of the year" award (just kidding!) No seriously. When I noticed the card she set on my nightstand I was like, "whaaaat. is. this?" I couldn't figure out the character on the cover, but when I opened it she described that it was Snape, and explained to me the reason behind the card. Before I got sad as to why she was comparing me to him (because I didn't like him in the beginning) I remembered all the good things he did for the Potter family, particularly Lily. She calls me "the Snape of her life." She said how in a lot of ways I had *flounce* with a lot of sass (sooooo, that's where Chelsea gets her sass from!) And even though he comes off rude, and unfair in the novels, in reality he was filled with so much love for Lily that he didn't know how to deal with it. I get why she's comparing me to Snape, and I totally take it as a compliment. I do have so much love for so many people, and sometimes that love can get overwhelming, but that's a whole other post! I would love to share more of what she wrote in the card she gave me, but it is a bit personal, but thought I'd share a snippet of it being that she mentioned a "flouncy" character from Harry Potter. I'm truly grateful for her words, and the time she took to draw, and put marker to cardstock to draw this beautiful picture of Snape on the cover as well as writing her own "novel" to me! 
Getting a voicemail from Sierra wishing me a happy mother's day made my day. What can I say. I sometimes hate this time zone we are warped in from east to west. I missed her call while at church, and for someone who posts quite a bit on social media you'd think I wouldn't miss it, but it didn't help having my phone on vibrate inside my bag which was laying on the floor. Even though I didn't get to speak with her it was nice hearing her sweet voice, and luckily I'll get to talk to her on her birthday this week!
Jon grilling some BBQ chicken for dinner. Simplicity at its best. I loved every moment of this day. I may not have had breakfast in bed, but those glazed pretzel donuts from Piazza's bakery that Jon bought were pretty dang good, and filling. You buy them the day before, and they are still fresh the next day! 

It was the best mother's day ever, and hope that as each mother's day passes that they will be simpler because in all honesty...that's how all our days should be! It's so nice to be thought of from family, and friends, but at the end of the day I'd like to think that all mothers out there in the world are getting some recognition for their efforts in raising children. Whether it was through a text, phone call, or snail mail. That is something I love to do for others, and making the time for it helps me to become a much more happier person! 

Hope everyone had a marvelous Mother's day! 

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