Friday, May 5, 2017

On Mothering More Than One Child.

I often wonder how it would be if I only had one daughter, let alone one child, but then I look my girls, and my son, and think to way. Having three daughters has been a blessing, and it has really helped me distinguish certain things in my life. I love how I look at other moms with one child, and their life seems so easy, and great. But then I look at my life and even though it's not perfect I feel as if i hit the jackpot with these kids. Especially Noah. He is my dreamboat. My miracle baby. My solace. Having him at a later age in life changed my perspective in how i see things. Especially since he was born in South Jersey. 

I love that my girls are five years apart because sometimes I wonder had they been born close in age would I have been able to handle it. Would I have had the patience to manage four kids with equal attention if they were 18 months, two, or even three years apart. Who knows, but the Lord gave them to me with a five year age gap, and that was perfectly fine with me! It has given me the opportunity to really get to know them, and to take the time to pay attention to each child, and it also gives us five years to prepare for their future so that we can save money for them to attend college, or whatever their heart desires once they graduation high school. 
Noah is the little clown of the bunch. He is quite spoiled in a good way because he is spoiled by lots of love, and affection, kisses, and hugs (not toys!) and nothing brings me joy than to see all my kids getting along. He is my only boy, and I always want to express kindness to him and cherish each moment with him because he is growing up way too quick! 

I love the talks we have, and how he asks me to help him build a transformer or help him with his homework. When he asks if we can go to the park, or if we have any money to got to sonic or get a slurp my heart swells! Asking me to participate in his daily activities tells me he likes my company! 

I love my girls. I especially love it when both Chelsea and Lexie talk to me intimately about personal stuff, and literally talk my ear off! That makes me feel good because I want to have that unique relationship with each of them. I want them to feel as if they can trust me, and tell me anything and everything that may be bothering them. Whether it's about a boy, an annoying classmate, or teacher, drama, sadness, or any kind of problem that deals with their day to day life. I want them to know that I am here to guide them without judging and yelling at them. It brings me great hope to know that I can by that type of a mom. 

My oldest daughter, Sierra had the privilege of getting all the attention for five years before her sister Lexie was born! Having Lexie a few months before Sierra's 5th birthday was a blessing, and a miracle, and it was from then on that I knew I couldn't have just two. Especially with the bond that they both immediately developed!

Sierra is pretty much on her own which is why she's not in these photos, and I wish her the best in all her endeavors. I want the rest of our children to make wise decisions, and be happy, but what's most important is to make sure that their happiness is true. So having these four kids in my life brings me great joy and I can't imagine it any other way. 

I also want to add that it's such a beautiful sight to see friends of mine who have one daughter, or one son. Or one of each! I see the closeness in their relationships through social media, and it warms my heart to see them in action. 
Such a beautiful bunch of mine. I love them all, and in between those messy and stressful mom moments that these kids can bring, motherhood truly is the greatest! 

I no longer wonder anymore, and I'm so glad I had them, and that they are all in my life! 

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