Sunday, September 11, 2011

Always Remember

After the tragic events of September 11, 2001 Americans embraced a newfound sense of patriotism not seen in decades. Today, ten years later, the Twin Towers have become one of the most recognized symbols of our  nation's precious ideals.

My family and I were visiting Jon's grandparents in Washington state the day the Twin Towers were hit.  I remember hearing screams coming from a loud television set in the living room. It was being broadcasted live. When I heard that terrorists flew and crashed into the Twin Towers my mind was at a standstill. I thought I was dreaming because it was so early in the morning when this happened. I couldn't believe that the towers collapsed all the way to the ground leaving nothing but rubble and dust. I will always remember that day, but wanted to portray a picture of how I remembered the Twin Towers still standing...not when they collapsed.

It was devastating for me because New York holds a special place in my heart. 

In August of 2000 my brother-in-law got married in Connecticut and since we were only two hours away from New York we decided to visit the Big Apple. It was our first trip to New York City. I was excited and the first thing we wanted to do was to enter inside the Twin Towers. I was intrigued with the many floors in the buildings and loved the shopping mall that was indoors. I only had two daughters at the time. Sierra was five and remembers riding on the escalators and looking down from inside the Twin Towers. She said everyone looked like tiny little ants. Lexie was only seven months old, and obviously doesn't remember anything.

Luckily I kept a scrapbook of all the things we did that year in the city...
Rockefeller center
 FAO Schwartz
Sierra~five years old
 It rained on us while we were site seeing that day. 
This is the view from inside the Twin Towers. 
It truly was a magical trip for us and feel so fortunate to now live less than two hours away from the Big Apple. We love going to the city, and it is always so humbling to see ground zero.
May we always remember those who lost their lives on the day of infamy. God bless their families and those who lost their lives that day...may they rest in peace.

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