Friday, April 27, 2018

What Is The Most Important Thing In Life?

There are very few people in this world who inspire me with their words, and actions. Some are the leaders of my church, some are friends I've known my whole life, and some are friends whom I've met online. 

Every once in a while I've stumbled upon an article or a blogger whose words really hit close to home, and are inspirationally dear to my heart. For the past seven years I've been keeping up with Sarah, and how she handles motherhood. I really felt a strong connection with her. Maybe it's because we both had babies near our 40's, or maybe it's because we are both believers in God. Although we belong to different churches we became united as one on the net because of her faith in god. She is a devout catholic, and I always appreciated her lifes experiences, her testimony of God, and how she handles family, and motherhood. 

After I had my son Noah I never felt alone because after reading some of her posts I'd be like, "oh my gosh, that's happening to me too with my son, or " I know exactly what you mean by juggling everything at once!" I love the reality of her life because it is so like mine, and because we are both stay at home moms she understood me. I was especially thrilled when she featured me, (along with other moms) on her "coming home" series on her blog. Sarah is amazing, and today I wanted to share a little bit about her, and why I am praying my heart out for her right now.

Sarah said, "Treasure your days. You never know how life will change.  Slow down.  REALLY slow down. Although I have talked endlessly about doing that on this blog, I was a hypocrite in ways, because I was a bundle of energy and stress trying to do too much sometimes even if just for my own family.  I have realized I process stress terribly.  I hold it all inside and have worried way way too much about things.  Don't do that.  Don't be strong all the time.  It is ok and good to cry.  It is ok to say "I am struggling with life" to your husband, your friends, or a therapist, and take time for yourself and to pray and journal and be calm.  If you struggle with anxiety, get help.  Take care of yourself. Totally reject the culture of perfectionism, competitiveness, and comparison and illusion that is so easy to find everywhere today. Get enough sleep.  Take walks.  Say no.  Or if whatever it is helps calm and center you say yes.  Grow closer to God.  Build your faith.  Take time to pray every day."

This is an excerpt she recently wrote on what seems to be her final blog post, and it really opened my eyes, and I mean really opened them. 

Why you might ask? 

Because she is currently battling with cancer. A very rare kind of cancer, and I pray that it slows down!! Her words in this post really spoke to me in how to live your life. Even though I don't have a paying job outside the home I find that most days can be chaotic, and I need to slow down. For the most part I have found a balance in how to live my life, but those chaotic days tend to creep in from time to time, and slowly, but surely am recognizing theme and figuring out ways how to handle them. 

Because stress can trigger all kinds of actions especially within the body. 

I am grateful for her words, and her bravery and strength. She is a mother to six kids, and looking back at her life she was always on the go, and always serving her family, community, and church. I am so sad that this is happening to her, and my prayers are with her, and you better believe that I am taking her words to heart. She has stopped blogging, and I commend her for all those years she kept it up, and love how she always included her family, and love for god in her posts. She is amazing, and I will miss her words. 

But she is at a place that is meant for her to stop blogging, and right now her health, and time with family is important, and because of her example makes me want to slow down even more when it come to "life." 

And I will try.

I will strive to slow down with my time, and focus more on living in the moment. I will seriously do my best and follow the quote that is written underneath my blog title, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop & look around once in a could miss it.I am going to take the time in seriously putting God first, and journal more like I used to when I was 20. I am going to take more time off of social media, and not post every single day. It's nice to take breaks from the online world every now and then. I blog sporadically anyway, and don't blog on a daily basis, but still...I don't need to capture every moment of our life, and video my kids every move! 

I have advised my daughters to do the same. Particularly my oldest daughter who seems to always be working, and on the go. I constantly advise her to find a balance in her daily life, and slow down! When I was her age I was already a mom to her, and working full-time. Those days are totally different from todays society, and things have changed. I've gotten older, and as my kids grow up time flies even more. I want to take the time to enjoy the little things. The things that matter most. I want to live to see my son serve a mission, marry, and have kids with his future wife. I want to live to see my future posterity grow up. 

Who knows how the world is going to be in five, 10, or 20 years from now, but for now I want to live, and I mean really live. I want to laugh, and still be able to do the things I used to do when I was 20 like play tennis, be energetic, and run with my boy at the park without taking breaks just to check my phone. 

I want to live a long, and fulfilling non-stressful, less rushed life with my family, and friends. I know that can be impossible for some, but it can be done because it's a choice. I know that I can somewhat limit stress from my life by not saying "yes" all the time, and by avoiding petty drama, and just letting things go without worrying. This is exactly why we should take social media breaks.

And just like Sarah mentioned in her last friends, family, and God are the most important things in my life.  Treasuring the joys with my family, and finding joy through our struggles. 

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