Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Season Almost Over.

After all the snow we've had I am officially longing for warmer temperatures, and even though we've had quite a few this week it's still not enough! The smell of spring is fast approaching, but not fast enough. We are itching for warmer temperatures, and even though it's still a bit nippy, and windy outside we don't care. These kids of mine are not one to wait until temps are in the 50's to play outside. Luckily temps have been pretty moderate because the hardest part about having a long winter (which in our case is not too long unless you live further north) are when the kids have no recess at school during the winter months! None! No matter if they're bundled up with ear muffs, gloves, and a warm coat the faculty does not allow them to go outside and play. They have indoor recess inside the gym which in Chelsea's opinion is not the same, and I know exactly how she feels. I have Noah all day which means finding ways to keep him occupied. I don't like him being on the computer or watching the telly for too long (although he'd love that) and boys love to explore the outdoors. I have felt a bit guilty lately because I haven't taken him to the park lately. The best parks require a short drive, but once we get a car I promised him that we'd go to the park at least three times a week. You can only go on so many walks on the bike trail without it getting a bit old.  

The other day they went to town in our backyard playing on our dormant grass without a care in the world. I love the fact that it doesn't get dark until around 7pm, and they played outside for a couple of hours. Noah and Chelsea are pretty creative, and their imagination amazes me. After enduring several years of storm abuse my wind chime I had hanging on my little front porch fell apart, and so the kids salvaged the bars and used them to dig in the dirt. They said it was better than sticks, and twigs. 
They have fun no matter what the seasons bring, and even though they don't have a lot of outdoor toys to entertain them they always manage to have fun with what they have. 
For instance they played horseshoes, and Noah laughed the whole time while playing. He'd laugh when he'd make it, and laugh even harder when he wouldn't! Silly goose!
Spring is definitely almost here, and we are trying to be patient in waiting for this beautiful season to turn our grass green again so that we can have bbq's, and have more fun in our little backyard!
Hurry Spring! Save me from motherhood so that these two won't be cooped up in the house too much, or freeze outside when they play! ;-)

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