Monday, March 2, 2015

125 in New York City.

Life as we know it has its ups and downs. There are days that are perfect, and days where some of us feel as if we can't deal with it anymore. Days when we fall on our knees pleading with God to pull us out of this trial that we are in. We are constantly faced with challenges on a daily basis, and even though some of these challenges are minute to others they seem huge! I have encountered many trials throughout my life to the point where I just wanted to give up, but I changed my whole perspective on that a long time ago. Maturity at its best especially when you reach your 40's! Knowing that I have a loving Heavenly Father to pray to gives me more hope, and increases my faith knowing that He will always be there to listen no matter what. In times of stress, and despair I just imagine myself being comforted by the savior. He wants all of us to be happy, and I want all of my friends, and family to be happy as well. Like I mentioned, we are all faced with challenges, and pain whether it's physical or emotional. It is up to us to do something about that instead of feeling sorry for ourselves to the point where we are lost again both in spirit, and testimony. The temples in this world are a place where I can go to calm my nerves, and feel the spirit even stronger. It is a place of peace where we can take our issues, and heartache to the Lord and pray. 
After enduring a week of frustration dealing with a broken down car, and just life in general, because let's face it...nobody has the perfect life, my girlfriend and I decided to attend the temple. She can see that even though our problems are different that we all have it hard. No matter how petty, or how big our issues are we realize that we are all in this thing "called life" together, and that we always should find the time to attend the temple. There are times when we go because we just love the temple, and doing work for our ancestors, and times when we go when we are faced with challenges, and need answers to our prayers. Whether I go with my husband, or my girlfriend attending the temple builds me up, makes me whole, and when I walk out of that building I feel like super woman all over again. Rejuvenated, happier, peaceful, and conquerable. Knowing that I laid out all my concerns to God in faith that everything will work out in His time gives me hope that all is going to be well. Answers come to us in His time, and luckily for me it's almost instantaneously, and for that I'm eternally grateful for a Father in Heaven who truly listens, and is always there for me.  

So when you feel like your burdens are too heavy to bear, or want to serve and do work for your kindred dead, and are a member of the church with that important piece of paper called a temple recommend, I implore you to attend the temple. No matter the distance, time (find it), or even money (somehow the Lord will provide)...find the time to go. Whether your problems are minimal, or huge, whether you're happy or sad...find the time to go. I hadn't gone since December, and man was I going through major withdrawal. 
125 Columbus Ave. in New York City is one place to go where we can escape all the hustle and bustle in this world, and leave all our burdens to the man upstairs. 

Definitely a great ending to the month of February! 

Happy Monday, and have a great week! 

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