Monday, March 16, 2015

Catching Up With Downton.

Being without a car has it perks, and because we strive to refrain from media on Sundays I wasn't able to watch Downton Abbey as faithfully as I would in the past. Last year I watched it six months early because of a website I found that was airing episodes of various shows ahead of their premiere date. Downton Abbey happened to be listed on shows to watch before it aired in the beginning of that year, and I was pleased as punch! I watched all of season four during the week as opposed to Sundays. Well...when season five began I only watched the first two episodes on Sunday, and that was it. Sundays for my family are pretty busy, so we hardly ever watch tv. We try to refrain from any technology, but every now and then I will turn on the tube in the evening for a little relaxation (and of course Skype with my daughter out west). That's when I watched the first two episodes, but when you have firesides to attend, baptisms held in the evening, dinner appointments with the missionaries, church meetings, or in my case traveling to different wards for unit conference time flies, and you're pretty exhausted when all that is over. All you want to do when you get home is spend time with your family, and then go to bed. 

Since I haven't had a car for the past few weeks I decided to catch up on watching all of season five of Downton Abbey this past week, and even watched past seasons. Downton is definitely my drama especially in the winter time, and I have loved it since the day it first made its debut! I also managed to accomplish a little bit of family history, called my mom more, wrote lots of letters, and caught up on some scrapbooking! It's pretty amazing what you can accomplish when you're stuck at home not being able to go anywhere because of not having a car. It's been quite nice actually, and it has also made me focus more on the things that are important. It's been a nice break, but I know once we get a car all that will change. I'll be back to carpooling the children around, driving myself to the store on my own instead of someone else taking me, driving to the places I need to go instead of using my two feet. It has been really nice walking around, because it really gives you time to ponder about things as you're out and about. I know for Lexie she has really enjoyed walking home from school. She's a runner to begin with, and so she doesn't mind walking. Even in the cold! Crazy girl. 

So...instead of stressing over car rides, and who's going to take us here, and there it has been quite nice being able to be "stuck" at home not being bothered, and catching up on some worldly television shows and spiritual things! It really makes you appreciate things (including the telly) a whole lot!  

Until next season Downton. 

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