Monday, March 23, 2015


Noah's choice phrases are becoming more and more funny, blunt, and a bit more mature. I never get tired of hearing him. 

Jon is awesome when it comes to reading bedtime stories to the kids. Sometimes I wonder if he's giving me a break for all the years I did it when the girls were little, and so Noah insists that he reads to him. I could hear him from downstairs, and instead of Jon reading to Noah, Noah was reading to him. The book was Green Eggs and Ham, and the one sentence I heard Noah read to Jon was "I will never eat green ham, and eggs!"

Noah has become a transformers freak, and star wars geek, and has been bugging me to buy him a larger Optimus Prime, and lego star wars. Hs words, "I shouldn't have to tell you to buy them for me mom. When daddy gets paid can we go get them?" I told him we'd have to see about that!

The other night before Jon tucked Noah into bed my kisses with Noah were intense. I told Jon how when it comes the time for Noah to be married that I'm not going to be his "number one" person in his life. So I hugged Noah so tight, and then kissed him again, and said to him, "Be sure to marry someone kind, and lovely, honest, and true." He then said to me, "Like Sofia the first?" That made me smile when he said that! He obviously wants to marry a princess! 

Noah sometimes is good at using the bathroom, and wiping on his own. But when i went to use the potty after he did I noticed a couple of brown friends floating around unflushed. I asked him if he wiped. He said, "Yes, daddy did it." I then asked Jon if he wiped him, and he said no. That's when Noah said to me, "Mom, I shouldn't call everyone to wipe me I can wipe myself!" 

There was a commercial about a brother and sister eating lunch, and playing on their phones. When Noah saw that commercial he said, "Awww, that's like me and Chelsea. Kids need phones mom. The sister has a phone, but not the brother, and I need a phone too!" I then said to him, "When you're 12 Noah you'll get a phone, and most likely it'll be a flip phone!"  He smiled and said, "ok". 

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