Thursday, March 12, 2015

Reading Across America With Dr. Seuss.

You can imagine my surprise when we received the 25th anniversary edition of Dr. Seuss's Oh, the Places You Go! book via snail mail. Even though we already have that book the fact that it was gifted to us by the National Education Association and that it was the 25th anniversary edition brought happy faces to both and Noah and Chelsea. "We each have our own now!" They exclaimed! It arrived at the perfect time while it was snowing, and it kept them busy. Especially when they have numerous Dr. Seuss books they can read. I honestly don't think the Dr. Seuss genre will ever leave our house, and that's fine by me! 

Chelsea & Noah both gathered some of their favorite stuffed animals, sat them on the bed, and Chelsea, being the nice big sister that she sometimes can be read to him, and his "friends." You can watch the 14 second video here, and, it was such a sweet moment to see.

I'm very grateful for the "Read Across America" program that was organized 18 years ago by the NEA. Reading is so important, and should be encouraged to kids all across America. This is an all year round program that focuses on motivating young children and teens to read through events, and reading resources. 

I love books, and no matter how tired or or old I get I will continue to be an example to my children when it comes to reading. So far all the girls enjoy reading and tend to read even more during the summer months. I notice that the more we read to Noah, take him to the library, a book store, or when he sees that I just received a package from Amazon filled with books his face is delightful, and becomes more interested in learning how to read. He's a boy and sometimes he'd rather play with transformers or play outside, but I know that by example and encouraging words that he can be a voracious reader just like his sisters. 

I want to express many thanks to the NEA for thinking of me, and my kids in gifting us this book. I had such a wonderful experience last fall when I met the president of the NEALily Eskelsen Garcia, along with an amazing group of educators. We are all educators in our children's eyes whether we teach them at home, or in a public school setting. Gifts like this are welcome via snail mail to our house anytime! Thanks again! 

"You're never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read with a child."

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