Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Central Park In The Winter Time.

Let's face it, I think we are all getting a little bit tired of the winter, and longing for some warmer temperatures, but in order for me to keep my sanity during the winter months I've gotta keep active. I have to look on the bright side of things, and all the "fun" things that winter brings. Drinking hot chocolate, sledding with kids, eating warm chili, wearing a nice pair of gloves, along with the perfect scarf can make winter beautiful, tasty, and all kinds of fun. When my girlfriend and I went to the city to go to the temple last Saturday we decided to walk over to Levain bakery and buy some cookies. Ever since I introduced Maggie to that bakery she yearns for more when we come here. We hadn't eaten lunch so we were saving them for dessert! Soon after we ate lunch we walked it off at Central Park, and found a row of empty benches to sit down on to enjoy this flourishing ground of un-wasted space in all its glory. 

And it was beautiful....
We sat peacefully on the bench eating our cookies drinking our bottled water talking about the experiences we felt in the temple. Being that it is winter time there wasn't too many people swarming around so we were able to enjoy the moment, and seriously ponder on the feelings we had just experienced in the temple. It was a different feeling for me compared to the summer months where one can find the sheep meadow so verdant littered with people sunbathing, flying kites, picnicking, reading under a tree, a ton of kids playing at every playground, and playing with their dog. On this day there was nothing but tranquility surrounding us, and although it felt a little weird (because the sounds of the city were so faint) it was quite the scene. 

Whether in the spring, summer, or fall coming to the city where there are hidden nooks in this major attraction brings me solace. It was an amazing feeling to just sit, and listen to the faint sounds of timeless Manhattan surrounded by one of man mades wonderful creations.  

Yes...the 80 minute drive is totally worth coming here. 

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