Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My View On "Hey Natalie Jean."

I'm not one to write a review about any books because I'm no professional book critic, but after reading Hey Natalie Jean, and all that it entails I have to say that it was insightful, and witty, but most of all real. I have been reading Natalie's blog for over two years now, and the fact that this woman is ten years younger than me has helped me broaden my horizons while living on the east coast in terms of being adventurous with my kid(s) I love how she portrays her life living in New York City, and how she spends her days with her son. I may be 10 plus years older than her, but this woman has inspired me over, and over again on how keeping it real is the way life ought to be. She has taught this 40 plus year old how to apply false eyelashes (not that I'll ever wear them, but you never know!), and how to choose the right color lipstick. She has shown me how her life with her husband Brandon is, and how I too, after 20 years of marriage can still have fun with my hubs, and ideas on how to make your home a fun place to live. Her sense of fashion, and interior design is amazing, and love how she brushes all the negativity aside in spite of what life throws at her with motherhood, infertility, and all. The fact that we both have sons close in age gives me hope that even though I'm older I can make life fun for my little boy. She exhibits how living life in New York is fun, and regardless of the huge age gap we have I feel that we have a lot in common. I never grow weary of her musings, and how she writes about her life in the real world. 
Hey Natalie Jean is definitely a good read, and if you are one who is in the market for a book with all kinds of inspiration from fashion to motherhood, and to look at the sweetest, and funnest photos pick up a copy of her book. She'll have you at "Hey" and you will want to read it over, and over again! 

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