Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Noah-isms // Winter Edition

So I had a really nice surprise from a friend who came by to give me some clothes for my daughter, and fortunately there was a robe that fit her a little bit too big, and so I tried it on and it fit! It is so comfortable, warm, and perfect for the winter months. I wore it that evening after, and when Noah saw it on me he said to me, "Aww...that's so cute, and looks warm mom. Is it for the dark time?"

^^^^^The other day my girlfriend and I ran some errands and had lunch with the kids. Noah struck a conversation with  her on how he lost his first tooth... 

Maggie: "Did the tooth fairy came to visit?" 
Noah: "Yes. But he came to soon because I wanted to sleep with it, and when I woke up it was gone. I miss my tooth!"

^^^^^ Noah has been my cuddle buddy these days with all the snow we've been getting, and I must be eating more than I should this winter because as Noah was leaning against me on the couch he says to me, "Mommy, your belly is cushiony." least he didn't call me fat so I'll take cushiony over fat describing this mom any day!

^^^^^ As I was commenting on a blog post I stumbled upon a few cute photos on this post, and because Noah has been sharing a room with his younger sister for the past five years said, "Awww..... mommy, look how cute his room is. I want a room like that, and I want to meet him too!" Yes...Noah recognizes the little boy in that post because I follow his mom's blog, and Noah pretends that they are already friends.

^^^^^ So with all the snow days we had which caused school to be canceled Noah and Chelsea were going to town making loom bracelets, and even though I think they are a bit outdated the are still kind of cute, and made quite a few. It seemed as if they were in a competition mode because when Chelsea asked Noah if hers were awesome he said, "No they are not awesome." I think because he wanted to play indoor racquetball and Chelsea said no is why he answered that way. When Noah asked Chelsea if  his loom bracelets and bright colored rackets were awesome she said, "No, they are not awesome!" Seriously have to get these two to find a common ground! Luckily they laugh about it afterwards! 

^^^^^Noah is growing like a weed, and I'm fearing the teenage years with this kid because his food intake is increasing. It never fails that he always wants breakfast in the morning, and that's great! My girls...they never eat breakfast! Even though they know it's the most important meal of the day they still don't eat (then again, I was the same way!) So on this particular morning Noah wakes up, and because I was sooooooo tired due to drinking a can of Dr. Pepper which kept me up till about 2am I just couldn't get out of bed. So my son being the strong willed kid that he is says to me, "mommy, my tummy is empty and it needs food. See?" (he shows me his stomach, and then sucks it in which you can see his ribs which freaked me out a bit!) "I'm hungry mom, my tummy is on empty! See?" He sucked it in again! I immediately jumped out of bed, and made him three packages of oatmeal! He used to only eat two, but now increased to three! Thanks to Quaker Oats for those quick and easy oatmeal packets in which you just add warm water otherwise I'd have to make it, and for my boy to be a faithful breakfast eater! 

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