Friday, March 6, 2015

Embracing The Moment At The Dentist's Office.

Noah sat patiently in the foyer of our dentist's office waiting for his name to be called so that he can finally get his teeth cleaned. It had been three years since his first, and last dental exam, and now that he's getting older he's realizing how important it is to clean, and take care of your teeth. He walked into the room with his eyes wide open,  gently climbed onto the chair, and with anticipation waited for the dentist to enter the room. I saw a look on his face   that was mixed with all different kinds of emotions. His actions are pretty transparent, and because I'm his mother i can usually tell what he's feeling. Part of it was bravery, mixed with a little bit of nerves, an "I can handle anything" attitude with a side of fearlessness. 

And he was. He was he brave, yet someone intuitive, and quite the talker too, that is until it was time to open wide so that the dentist can see inside his mouth! 
Seeing this side of him on such a high level of maturity brought me great joy, and I was embracing the moment. He was so calm, and curious about every gadget that our dentist was using. Asking him why he's using that tool, and what it does to help his teeth. He is such a clever little boy with so much to look forward to in his life that is fleeting right before my eyes. In all honesty I really don't want him to grow up. Really...I don't. He's five, and has never really thrown any hardcore temper tantrums!! He's not the perfect kid, but in my eyes he's pretty close to it.

Looking back at this post with his dad's picture, and writing a little bit of how I want Noah's future to be just like his father's brings me so much hope. Makes me super duper proud that I married quite a guy who has such a strong love for people, and God. Someone who is kind, hard working, and will take his shirt off his back for anyone. Someone who regardless of struggles will be selfless enough to think of others before himself. Someone who will love hard, work hard, and will be strong enough to endure any trial. Generations today are made of strong willed kids, and I can see why. They need to be that way so that they will be able to handle all the wrongs that they are going to face. And they will face them. They will need to be strong enough to handle the changes of the world, and the challenges that are going to come with it. And with parents like us along with three older sisters who are just as tough, and strong willed as he is will be there to help guide him though every step of the way until he is on his own. Knowing that brings me hope that he will be able to survive anything in this crazy little thing called "life."

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