Friday, March 27, 2015

Princeton University Art Museum.

Going on trips that can be educational helps me not feel so bad for not enrolling Noah in preschool (it's not my fault he was on a waiting list!) Nonetheless, I have enjoyed every minute raising this boy of mine and being able to take him to places during the day. Now that we have a car that runs well I have been literally going to town, and venturing out of my comfort zone. 

Yesterday I decided to drive to Princeton to check out the art museum on campus. Luckily it's free because it looks like I'm going to have to make another trip back and bring the girls. My entire family are history buffs, and this is definitely a world of art at your fingertips! They have a collection history that extends back to the 1750's, and the exhibits were amazing. There was so much to see, and photograph but only captured the exhibits that intrigued us the most. Noah was really intrigued by the Egyptian gallery, and all the artifacts and relics that came with it. He was mostly mesmerized by the mummy coffin!
He was such a good little sport walking around quietly and taking every piece of art in. When we went to the MOMA last spring all he wanted to do was look at a painting for like two seconds, and run around to the next. I notice as he gets older he's beginning to understand more and more about why we come to museums, and what it's about. Teaching him that this is history, and even though he's five the questions he asks such as, "What's this, and what is it for?" and "Is there a mummy inside?"  tells me that he's interested, and curious. I can see that it stimulates his mind, and his questions become endless. 

When we stopped to look at this Chinese painting (which is in the style of Van Gogh) I couldn't help, but to chuckle a bit as to how he was standing there studying it. Who knows what he was thinking as he was just standing there looking at it. He could also just be looking at it as I do when I look at paintings. He's obviously learning a lot from me as I myself will stand, stare, read and study what every painting entails.
I'm so glad that I'm able to have this opportunity to take him to places that that are both fun and educational. 
It totally felt like fall, and although it was drizzling we managed to walk around all over campus, and take a picture with the Princeton tiger. 
We were lucky and managed to sit it on a free concert they offer every Thursday inside the Princeton chapel. I personally love how Catholic churches are designed, and love that old smell. Very nostalgic! 
This is probably one of my favorite campuses to explore, and museums to go to so far. I honestly think universities have some of the best museums. 
What a better way to end the day eating Belgian waffles for lunch at PJ's Pancake house. I swear this kid can eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! 
In spite of the rain it was definitely a fun day! 

Happy weekend! 

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