Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Ever had one of those perfect summer days where the day was just picture perfect. I've had more than my share when it was just Noah & I alone, during the day, but when you add a sassy sister the days can be a struggle...especially when they nitpick on each other. Today was different though. Different in many ways. 

First of all I woke up determined that in spite of the forecast calling for rain, and the way these two behave when they're cooped up in the house especially in the summer time that I was going to make this day fun for them. The kind of fun that doesn't require money, but my time, and appreciation executed with love and attention.  

Living in my neck of the woods it's real easy to be entertained by theme parks, going to the beach, venturing out to Philly, D.C., and New York City. And as much as I LOVE venturing out to those places, and being entertained by those worldly things, sometimes you need to invent your own entertainment. 

And today we did. 

One that didn't involve any noise from any piece of technology. 
Noah has been showing interest to play the piano for quite some time now, and this morning after breakfast Chelsea began to play the piano. 

While Noah was playing with his Legos, I told Chelsea that it might be easier if we put stickers on the keys so that it would be more easier for him to learn to play, and to keep him interested. She, and Lexie have taught him the basic keys in the past, but like i was different, and those stickers really made a difference! Not only did he last longer than 10 minutes, he actually paid attention, played Mary had a little lamb in its entirety,  and Chelsea's patience has come a long way with him. There was no frustration involved! 

I was in heaven! 

She continued to teach him for about 20 minutes, and got along so well. We had lunch, and then made bottle cap necklaces, and drew a picture for grandpa. Since it didn't rain very much we decided to go to the park. We were figuring out which park to go to that doesn't have wood chips, and decided to go to the one where it's always crowded on the first day of spring. The perks of living in a township where everyone seems to stay in their comfort zone! 

We haven't been to this park in a long while, and we are so glad we came. They installed a new playground set, and it is really nice! I'm not sure when they replaced the old one, but boy am I glad we came. Even in this 100 percent humidity the kids had all kinds of fun. These kids handle the heat, and humidity pretty well. Better than most adults I know!  

They stayed in the newer part of the playground the whole time sliding down the slide, climbing, and messing around with all the gadgets. 

 ^^^ the swings are a favorite! ^^^

He still hasn't mastered the monkey bars. I think he prefers us giving him a helping hand. More like a helping body! 

Today was so simple, and if I could have days like this every day (minus the humidity) I'll take them. Really loved seeing these two getting along so well, and being kind to one another. 

I told them to get used to it because before we know it Lexie will be leaving the nest too, and they are going to be the only two left to entertain each other so they better need to get along! 
And according to these two...piggyback rides are the best! 
Happy 8th of July! 

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