Friday, July 10, 2015


Droppin off Lexie to attend EFY reminded me of the first time I sent my oldest daughter Sierra. Sierra attended EFY her sophomore & senior year. I saw the spiritual glow that she had when she returned home after a week of spiritual inspiration. The experience she had is something that I long for all of our children.  

Last weekend we dropped Lexie off to attend for the first time. For those of you who wonder what EFY is, it is a BYU program organized in the mid 70's by a bunch of BYU employees where the youth, ages 14-18 go for a whole week in hopes to build their testimony of the Savior, and the gospel. The kids participate in games, and activities. They have dances, and even a talent show. They attend religious classes for most of the day, and include fun in between. It's programs like this that gives me hope for all of my kids to mature, and grow spiritually in the gospel. 

This year marks the fortieth year of EFY. How awesome is that! I love the book that was issued this year along with the theme. 
It has about 38 pictures of all the different themes throughout the years on the back of the book. 
This program is amazing, and I was so anxious for Lexie to turn 14 so she can attend. When I asked her last year if she wanted to go her answer was an emphatic no. She said she wanted to get the feel of being 14  attending Mini youth conference, and youth conference before going to EFY. (Love her brutal honesty.) This year she went on her own motive, and I am so grateful that she chose to go on her own because I would not want to force my child to do anything they don't want to do, or go somewhere they don't want to go. I have learned by personal experience when they are forced to go to church activities, or even church chances are they will not grow because of not being able to have their free agency in choosing for themselves. Glad she chose to go!

Noah was a bit melancholy as we got her bags out of the car. I don't think he believed her when she said she was going to be gone for a week! 
I love how their counselor decorated the door to their dorm. It's always nice to read their welcoming note.
When I dropped her off I also had the chance to meet all of her roommates. They were all very kind. You'd think that Jaden (blondie with the white pants) would be the oldest one since she was the tallest, but guess who the oldest one was in the group... Lexie. 
Lex has a very, very strong connection with Carley who is from St. Louis...a very, very sweet girl. Her mother Flo, and I got along very well. She was my kind of lady because we both have a bit of a southern drawl, and understood each other. She was such a lovely mama. I can tell where her daughter gets her kindness from.  

I'm really glad that these girls have enjoyed being roommates all week., and that they were grouped together in the same company. I was texting with her last night, and she mentioned that her company is tight, and that she has loved every day of EFY. Her description of EFY in her own words were...fantastic, great, awesome, uplifting, and the classes are amazing.  
My hope for Lexie, and all the youth that attend EFY this summer is that they will take home all the things take they are taught, and do their best to remember. To remember, and not forget the "why" as to why they chose to come here.  

And to be more committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

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