Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sea Isle

There is something about the beach in which hearing the waves crashing, gulls squawking, and the sun beating down on your face lulls us into a different mindset. It's relaxing, and it is a release in escaping the hustle and bustle, stresses of the world, and the day to day mundane.

So on this day my family and I minus Sierra (because she's having such a fabulous time at BYU) and the wonderful Jensen family decided to go to Sea Isle, and it was just the cure that we all needed. The weather was perfect, the water was warm (which is abnormal for Jersey), and it was so nice seeing everyone just enjoying themselves.

I know that the girls have been looking forward to this day since Monday.
We had so much fun, and we could have stayed there for hours. Our girls are definitely aqua women (as my brother would call them), and can play in the water...

Splash with the waves...
enjoy each other's company...
 bask in the sun...
dig in the sand...
 and boogie board all day long!!
 As mothers this is the cure that we needed, and we took it all in!
Even if it was just for one day!

There will be plenty of these days to come before summers end...I guarantee it!

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