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^^^ Small class, but what an amazing group of people! Photo source: Carol Gillett ^^^

Last Friday I shared a video on my Facebook that was specifically for the class of 1990, and I hope that whoever viewed it enjoyed it, and didn't get tired of me saying the words "great" and "amazing!" Ha Ha! It was a riot watching my video after posting knowing of the things that I said, but there's no going back because everything that was uttered in that video was raw footage, and there was no editing! Yikes!! 

So for those of you who may have had friends ask you, "hey, did you see Rosie Lara, Jorgensen's or whatever her name is video?" and said, "nah, who cares" or didn't get a chance to view it, here it is on vimeo

I also wrote a few extra words on this blog post so without trying to sound too redundant here's somewhat of a repeat of the things I said on the video. If you're a fast reader you can read this post under two minutes, but the video is about six minutes long. Can you hang for about eight minutes? 

Anyway, here's my post...

I can't believe 25 years have passed since our high school graduation. As I surf through my Facebook feed and see familiar faces I feel as if it was yesterday. 25 years isn't long if you think about it. Life is fleeting, and I count my blessings for social media in that regard. I am happy to see that there are so many that still keep in touch with each other, and are still close now as y'all were in high school, and that is awesome! Friendships are meant to last, and it's great to see those friendships continue on today. I myself am also grateful for the friendships that I have kept since high school! 

Whether we were friends for a week, a month, a year, four years, or since birth we are all in this thing together called life. Whether we were acquaintances or just said "hi" and "goodbye" in passing was good enough to know that I was acknowledged. Whether we hung around in the same click, different clicks or no click, it didn't matter. I was aware of your presence, and seeing your actions is what helped me get through those fun, mostly difficult years through high school. Then again...I mostly went to school to feel loved, and not to learn. Whether we were part of the drill team, the drama club, the band, bookworms, skaters, or even the loners, I want you to know that I paid attention, and that in some shape or form I wanted to be a part of that friendship (#esteemissues.)  It is amazing to see those said friendships continue on today via Facebook, and at times will make me a bit "friend sick." 

I want you to know that in spite of all the bad choices I made when it came to my grades, catty girl fights, and boys (#dumbpuppylove) that underneath the pain I was feeling, and masked that there were some of you who made a very big impression on me, and huge difference in my life after I left Kingsville. 

And I believe that's why I'm raising my children differently, and why I am the way I am today. (#mormonconvert)

So I thank you. 

Being a mother of four I've realized that those are experiences I needed to go through at that time I. order for me to be the person i am today. (Why did that sound redundant?)

And I'm so grateful. 

I have no regrets of all the choices I made, and/or the challenges that I faced (and some of them were pretty scary, and bad), because those experiences taught me a lot, and in return I can teach my children to do better, teach them to be aware of what's good and bad, and to make wise decisions as their growing up.

I am truly proud of those who worked so hard in order to make those wise choices, and not surprised of your successes. 

There were many intelligent folks in my class, and am amazed at seeing doctors, nurses, lawyers, principals, politicians, constables, and numerous educators. 

Extremely proud of y'all. 

Even more proud of the stay at home mom such as myself as well as anyone who does anything freelance (such as I.)

I attest that to good parenting, and having good high school teachers, and counselors made that possible! 

I wish you guys well with continued success, and pray that we will continue to live for another 25 years so that we can attend our 50th reunion (man will we be old!) Hope to make it to that one! 

I want you to know that each and every one of you are worthy in all things, and that no matter how old we get we can do hard things. Especially our children since they are the next generation. Never give up on life, and know that I love ya!

And whether you follow me or not on Facebook thank you for continuing your friendship with me, and that you haven't defriended me yet! And if you have it's okay. I hardly keep tabs on Facebook anyway (I'm an instagram freak!) Overall...I'm grateful for the friends I've kept, and for those that remember me. 

It was so nice to have seen the photos of the reunion that were posted on Facebook recently, and that everyone looks so happy and healthy! 

Salud, and take care! 

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